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Enhanced Athlete Is An Innovator In Fitness Industry

The Enhanced Athlete Brand is the brainchild of bodybuilder Dr. Tony Huge and is intended to provide clients with the much-needed knowledge to lose unwanted body fat and build more desirable muscle mass. The EA brand disseminates this instruction through the usage of informative video content.


Video content produced by Enhanced Athlete gives readers first-hand accounts of training methods from professional bodybuilders, as well as current news and trends circulating through the fitness community. The quality information provided by Enhanced Athlete gives its customers the opportunity to make decisions regarding their future fitness goals armed with the most truthful innovative fitness information that is available.


The Enhanced Athlete platform boasts of more than a thousand informative video and is proud of its commitment to providing both truthful and informative information. EA has forged an environment of trust and loyalty in regards to fans and followers and is looking to maintain these relationships for the long-term.


Coaching Services


The Enhanced Coaching arm of EA provides clients with tailor-made training programs that fit a customer’s goals, his or her body composition, and their commitment to time and availability. The professional on staff at Enhanced Coaching maintain an open and honest dialogue with clients while providing a variety of useful services. These services include but are not limited to, custom workout plans, a weekly telephone check-in, and a physical assessment for the client. The company provides a variety of packages to fit all fitness goal and financial investment abilities.


The Enhanced Coaching services of Enhanced Athlete also include nutritional guidance, meal planning, and even personalized meal preparation services. The company is capable of providing guidance pertaining to all elements of bodybuilding including helping clients prepare themselves for organized body-building competitions.


The Gear


Enhanced Athlete has also launched Enhanced Gear through which the company provides a variety of high-quality items of clothing to showcase their brand. Consumers that purchase Enhanced Gear will find available to them hooded sweatshirts, shorts designed for exercise, and tank tops specifically designed for high-intensity workouts. Enhanced Gear also produces hats, gym bags, shaker bottles, and other items in addition to clothing for use by customers.


Enhanced Gear believes that the desire to look good is the extra motivation needed to propel clients to the next level of their fitness goals

Dr. Mark McKenna Shapes the Future of Cosmetic Medicine

Dr. Mark Mckenna attended medical school in his hometown of New Orleans at Tulane University, but during the final years of his education, he realized that medicine wasn’t the best way to make money anymore. After viewing how his father’s medical practice was affected by the new billing and reimbursement systems, he knew he had to make some decisions. While Dr. Mark Mckenna was in medical school, he began to buy real estate with the money he made moonlighting at prisons. He made $50 hourly performing physicals and invested every penny of the money he made.

While he was building his real estate company, he worked with his father in his general practice for about 5 years before working exclusively in the real estate industry. His business quickly grew to be worth around $4 million to $5 million dollars until Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and his business. Dr. Mark Mckenna saw millions of dollars worth of his assets gone overnight in the storm. Instead of abandoning the city of New Orleans, he stayed and contributed to the rebuilding efforts by buying and renovating flooded properties that were to be leased to low income residents of the area.

Dr. Mark Mckenna decided to leave the real estate industry before the eventual crash of the market in the area. He decided to leave New Orleans and move to Atlanta when his girlfriend at the lime relocated there. When he started his new business Shape Medical Wellness Center, Dr. Mark Mckenna knew he didn’t want to deal with insurance companies like his father had to do. This is how his non-invasive cosmetic procedure center was born.

What started with one office with 2 employees in Atlanta grew to 4 locations with $4 million in revenue each year. Eventually, Dr. Mark Mckenna became the medical director in Atlanta for Lifetime Fitness after they purchased ShapeMed. When Lifetime Fitness was sold to 2 private equity firms, he made the decision to leave the company instead of staying as their national medical director. This is when he made the decision to create his newest company OVME.


Brian Torchin – The Remarkable Matchmaker

Dr. Brian Torchin is a chiropractor practitioner, recruiter and entrepreneur. He established the company HCRC Staffing, a business that matches professionals in the medical field with hospitals and clinics looking for competent individuals to fulfill the essential roles in their workforce.

After studying at the University of Delaware and receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, Brian then enrolled in New York Chiropractic College where he obtained a doctorate as a Chiropractor.

When he finished school, Torchin acquired a license and board certified chiropractor. He went on to open a successful private practice, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Using his background training, he was able to treat a variety of conditions, including shoulder, neck and back pain.

In the year 2007, Brian Torchin had an idea to create a staffing company, to provide the proper help for medical offices and hospitals. This service would allow individuals such as Medical Doctors, Nurses Practitioners, Dentists, Physical Therapist as well as Acupuncturists find employment corresponding with their skills. Read more about Brian Torchin on glassdoor.com

The health care facilities receive the benefits of screened and qualified staff that are the perfect fit within their personnel structure. It saves them time and money and Brian is able to send employees in a short time frame, usually within four days.

He also offers consultation to his clients, if they have any questions regarding staffing and other related issues.

As you can see, this business model is a win-win situation.

It has seen incredible growth, with more than 200 clients nationwide. Other countries outside the U.S. such as Asia, Canada and Europe have taken advantage of the services Torchin have provided to the medical community.

Brian Torchin continues to use his vast knowledge in the medical and business sector, to make sure health care professionals and short-staffed medical facilities connect.

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Bruno Fagali Elaborates The Asset Recovery Reward Act

Bruno Fagali has built his legal expertise over the years while practicing at the Fagali Advocacy law firm. The Brazil Attorney has made Administrative Law, Regulatory Law, Ethics and Urban Law his specialities. He weighed in on a proposed law in the US that seeks to reign in on corruption in foreign governments.

Bruno Fagali stated that a cash reward of $5 million may be up for grabs in the US if a proposed corruption law is approved. Any Brazilian with information on treacherous laundry of assets in the US by corrupt government officials needed to inform the US authorities.

The preamble of the bill states that it seeks to be part of the recovery of stolen assets. A rewards program will be established. The Secretary of the Treasury will have the mandate of determining the size of the reward. This responsibility will not be delegated to anyone.

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Corrupt individuals have taken advantage of the complex US financial structures to make money at the expense of their citizens. The limit of the reward (set at $5 million) could be exceeded if the Secretary deems this necessary. A review of such a decision has been provided for in the bill. An elaborate judicial process will make this possible according to Bruno Fagali on terra.com.br.

Close family members of the Treasury Secretary will receive protection at the request of the Secretary. This attorney further stated that their identity and that of the Secretary may also be kept secret.

Public officials will not be legible for this reward as it is their obligation to report such cases to relevant authorities in their country. The bill requires that the assets being considered should be due to corruption of a foreign government.

Not all reports will be considered effective. This means that some whistle blowers may not receive the reward. The corruption act being committed should result in a loss of the stolen assets which are in a US financial institution.

The authors of the bill felt that the prediction of financial rewards for such reports had been overlooked in the reward programs that exist in the Law. Bruno Fagali is well known for the publication of an article pointing out the missteps of anti-corruption in the Brazilian advertising agency.

Find more about Bruno Fagali: http://www.agenciaoglobo.com.br/dinonews/Default.aspx?idnot=36030&tit=Rio+de+Janeiro+s%C3%B3+contratar%C3%A1+empresas+que+tenham+ou+estejam+dispostas+a+ter+Programa+de+compliance%2C+reporta+Bruno+Fagali

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Employment Opportunities

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America follows an inclusive treatment approach to cancer. The aim is to provide a uniquely enriching patient experience through personalized treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has established a presence in many locations around the USA including Atlanta, Philadelphia, Arizona, Chicago, and Tulsa. The Cancer Treatment Centers have been awarded many prizes and accolades including the Best Place to Work recognition. The centers have also been provided with numerous accreditation’s that reaffirm their commitment to providing quality cancer treatment and a hospitable environment for patients.


SVP Growth –Patient Engagement


This is a full-time job at the senior level in the Executive and Management Department. The successful candidate will serve as the Senior Vice President of Cancer Treatment Centers. You will be required to work and cooperate with a team of experts that have the patient condition right at the center of their attentive care.




The position is available in one of the Cancer Treatment Centers in Philadelphia. The job vacancy is at the CTCA Eastern Regional Medical Center. This is a full-time job in the Physician Department. The Center is looking for an experienced Nocturnist with training in multiple cancer treatment techniques. CTCA specializes in cancer treatment using integrated approaches and personalized treatment. The successful candidate will be required to provide care to adult cancer in-patients with complex manifestations of the ailment. Their duty will mainly revolve around night attention to inpatient flows, with an alternating 7 nights on and 7 nights off duty.


Coord Workforce Optimization


The vacancy is available at Schaumburg, Illinois. This is a full-time job that requires the successful candidate to provide assistance in the Business Support Department. It is a clerical job opening.


Infection Control Practitioner


The job opening is available in Philadelphia. It is a full-time job opening in the clinical professional Department. The candidate will work as the quality control expert to prevent possible incidences of infection.


Surgical Oncologist


CTCA needs a surgical Oncologist at Eastern Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia. The successful candidate will work within the physician Department.


Territory Manager, Physician Relations


CTCA requires a Territory Manager in Physician Relations. This is a full-time job in the Business Professional Department. The successful candidate will be required to access physicians for referral cases. The candidate will be deployed in the Chicagoland Area


CTCA Background Summary


CTCA network of cancer treatment centers holds the belief that there is no single absolute treatment for all cancers. Therefore, it has adopted a multiple and integrative cancer treatment strategy in all its centers. The decision is based on the knowledge that there are hundreds of ways to fight cancer. CTCA has been working on finding the ideal combination of cancer treatment methods for over 30 years. CTCA provides, arguably, some of the most advanced cancer therapies globally. The treatment is overseen by a team of cancer handling specialists.


How Talkspace is Changing the Therapy World

Everyone today has access to a smartphone. This has also made it easy for everyone to interact with each other across the globe. When one is in constant communication with other people, it tends to make other people subjected to feel miserable. More to this there has been a study which was done in South Korea where it stated more than 10 percent of teenagers that use the internet are prone to depression. These are among the reasons why apps like talk space have come up. This app has made it easy for people who are seeking professional help to get it at the touches of a button on your screen.


Talkspace is a great option rather than having to go to the office of a therapist in those Uptown places. If you need a therapist, all you need to do is just reach for your phone from your pocket, and you will get the help that you need. This app has a different option of working. From video calls to phone calls. The feature makes it easy for anyone to use the platform. You can choose which option that would work best for you. There is also the option of texting and chatting. As for today, there are about 500,000 users who have access to more than 1,000 professionals available for the users to talk to.


Talkspace has since then signed a deal Magellan Health. This has shown that this is the future of therapy. Magellan has been able to reach more people who are in need of psychotherapy Which are being provided by Talkspace. This program has made this program available to many people that it ever was before.


There are many advantages that are associated with using Talkspace for online therapy. One position is that the service is readily available on demand. There is no need first to book an appointment as it is always the case with a physical doctor. Also the services are available from any point as long as you have an internet connection. It is also easy to create a relationship with the therapist. Another advantage is that the service is much cheaper than the enormous fees that are paid to the offline therapists.

Science & Innovation Equals Clay Siegall

There is a ton of innovative technologies that are on the market today. Innovation can be found in just about every type of industry or field of work. For cancer research, innovation is at an all-time high, and it is being used to fight some of today’s deadliest illnesses. Have you ever heard of Seattle Genetics? If you haven’t heard, then just know that this oncology company is one of the leaders in this exclusive field. The company has nearly 1,000 staff members, and it’s located in Bothell, Washington. Seattle Genetics has a firm hold on cancer research, especially when being compared to its counterparts.


Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and the president of the company. This extraordinary guy is well-known throughout the industry, and he is one of the most well-respected guys in the business. Siegall just so happens to be one of the founding members of Seattle Genetics in which it has been around since 1998. The company’s antibody-drug conjugates are some of the most promising and efficient medications of all-time. By being entered into multiple strategic deals, these powerful medications are being used by people all across the globe. In other words, there are more than 65 countries that use Seattle Genetics’ advanced therapies. Siegall has stated that the company actually became profitable after an estimated 10 years. The sales team is actually the company’s public face since it does the selling of the products. This action could probably be the most important part of Seattle Genetics.


This company makes money in a number of ways, which is what helps to make it a stand-out. Seattle Genetics’ revenue comes via production partnerships, the selling of its proprietary medications and through the ability to license its technologies. Siegall has brought in a billion dollars through private and public fundraising, which goes back into the company for investments. All in all, this is a winning combination that has produced a winning track record.

Heal and Soothe uses Special Enzymes to Provide Relief from Pain

Heal and Soothe is a supplement for backpain and arthritis. This medication utilizes the benefits of enzymes to relieve a person’s body from inflammation and pain. Most people probably do not realize this, but enzymes are essential to alleviating the painful conditions that a person’s body experiences. The following material will take a closer look at Heal and Soothe so consumers can get a better understanding of this supplement and how it works.


The human body naturally produces enzymes. They work in conjunction with the human immune system to heal a person’s body when they are injured or suffering from some type of disease. The body produces two main type of enzymes for healing damaged tissue. They are both known as systemic and protease enzymes. Systemic enzymes are designed to move throughout a person’s body to heal various tissues and organs. This is where the name systemic is derived. Also, enzymes that are used within this group target damaged tissue, toxins and radicals. View Related Info Here.


The second type of healing enzymes is known as proteolytic. This biological catalyst is designed to get rid of unwanted prostaglandins. Keep in mind that prostaglandins are fatty substances that help the body, but the bad type can cause pain and inflammation. This is especially true for people who suffer from backaches or some type of back condition. Proteolytic enzymes also eliminate fibrin and scar tissue. It can even fight viruses and boost a person’s immune system.


What does all of this have to do with joint pain or Heal and Soothe? The answer is simple. Systemic and proteolytic enzymes are crucial ingredients to Heal and Soothe. This medication has the potential to get rid of crippling pain that people experience when they have arthritis, back aches or joint pain in their legs.


Keep in mind that this substance is able to help a person to manage these conditions better than some over-the-counter pain relief medications or pharmaceutical drugs. Heal and Soothe does not have any major side effects. It is a natural healing supplement that continues to heal a person’s problems and not just cover them up with temporary pain relief.


This substance can be ordered online at https://healnsoothe.com/#product-info-section. Users can try this substance for free within the first two weeks. Customers will have to order the product and pay for the shipping and handling for $9.95. If Heal and Soothe does not work within the two-week time period, they will receive a money back guarantee.


Remember that Heal and Soothe cost $49.95 per month and it will continuously be shipped out to customers until they cancel their subscription. Heal and Soothe makes it easy for people who suffer from pain and aches to get the relief they need for a reasonable price.

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Jason Hope’s Donations To The SENS Foundation Are Expected To Help Move The Nonprofit Forward Much Quicker Than Expected

Jason Hope knows that there are many different diseases that become more prevalent in people as they get older. Some of these include high blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, and osteoporosis, and the failing healthcare system continues to focus on treating them individually rather than looking to take care of them as a whole. In 2010, Hope did more than talk about how to help, instead, he donated $500,000 out of his own pocket to the SENS Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization that is looking to directly deal with the issues that people face as they age.

The Chief Science Officer and leader of SENS, Aubrey de Grey, helped to found SENS, which has offices in Mountain View, California. De Grey has donated over $10 million of his own money to also see that the organization is as successful as possible. After his donation was announced, Jason Hope gave a speech where he praised the work of the foundation and brought light to the unique way that it looks to fight age related diseases. He also talked about how he hopes that the work that SENS does is able to benefit all of the human race. Mike Kope, CEO of SENS, also commented on the fact that Jason Hope’s donation would help the organization to move forward much quicker than it was going to be able to do.

Aubrey de Grey pointed out that Hope’s $500,000 donation will go to specifically help the foundation with its work to prevent high blood pressure from occurring in the first place and will also help with work to keep the skin from deteriorating.

Jason Hope wasn’t the only one involved with helping the SENS Foundation, and after Hope’s donation, Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal, hopped on-board and donated $1 million of his own. He had plenty of positive words about Jason Hope, as well, who, on top of his donations, has been working to increase awareness of research related to anti-aging. In response, Hope expressed that he is more than happy to be a part of SENS and its efforts to combat age-related-diseases through non-conventional means, because conventional medicine is failing in this area.

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based entrepreneur who has recently published his book “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era.” His book reveals what the future might look like as technology rapidly begins to change and people begin to adopt more tech that is interconnected.

Jason Hope’s info: www.amazon.com/dp/B0773WCN2L

Whitney Wolfe Herd Built a Dating App That Addresses the Safety Concerns of Women

If you are single and looking to mingle, then Bumble is the new app on the market that you might want to give a try. The Bumble dating app has been getting a lot of rave reviews from its users and is the fourth best dating app on the market currently as per the reports and the volume of subscribers it has. The Bumble dating app is relatively new and still evolving as it attracts more members and continues to update new features with it. Whitney Wolfe Herd is the founder of Bumble dating app, and she has made sure that the app has all the features it needs to make women feel at home. As a woman herself, she has always felt unsafe and insecure at many of the dating apps she has used in the past. It doesn’t give women the space they need to settle in and as soon as they join the dating app, the female members are bombarded with unsolicited messages and sometimes even the vulgar images of you know what.

Whitney Wolfe Herd understood that it is also one of the reasons why many women were apprehensive of joining dating app as it almost seemed like opening a door behind which a storm has been hurling uncontrollably, and many women out there would instead like to keep such a door closed. The Bumble dating app is the answer to such issues that women have been facing a lot of dating app as here; only women can contact the men. While there are millions of male members at Bumble, they are well aware of the fact that they would not be allowed to make the first move, and it is only the women who can do that if they find the profile of male counterpart interesting.

Whitney Wolfe Herd knew from the very beginning that it is something that she had to do, and also understood that it would meet with some amount of criticism, which she thinks is fair enough. The good part about this feature is that it would ensure that men who cannot stand women at a dominating position can be filtered out as surely they would stay away from the app. It means that women can be sure that the men they are coming across on Bumble are the ones who do not mind women being dominant, independent, and decisive, which is something that women aspire to be in the twenty-first century.

For details: www.refinery29.com/2017/11/182376/whitney-wolfe-bumble-interview