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Betsy DeVos Is Working Hard To Support Students In The U.S. Who Need A Helping Hand

Betsy DeVos is a hard working woman who wants the best for students in the United States. She has been a part of many different efforts to change the educational system in the country from the inside out and has had plenty of success. In the past, she worked with her husband, Dick DeVos, to help pass laws in Michigan that allowed tax dollars to be used to pay tuition costs of charter and private schools. DeVos has also worked with lawmakers and politicians from many U.S. states who support education choice.


Betsy DeVos was recently interviewed, and she was asked to talk about the progress that the educational choice movement has made. While the movement continues to run into opposition, DeVos feels that is has also made giant leaps forward. There are now multiple states in the U.S. that support the students who live there by helping them to cover the costs of quality schools. Many of these students come from poor families who can’t afford to send them to a school they approve of. Instead, many of these younger students must attend a public school that is chosen for them based on the zip code of where their home is located.


Betsy DeVos has never seen this as very fair, and she wants every student to have the same opportunities as every other student. This is what educational choice has offer. Today, there are more than 250,000 students that are able to be educated at a school of their family’s choosing thanks to the efforts of people like DeVos. On top of dedicating large amounts of her time to the cause, she has also donated a lot of her own money to help. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has donated millions of dollars to help support educational nonprofits and charities. It was recently discovered that the foundation donated over $3 million to the educational sector just in 2015.


Betsy DeVos believes that there is no reason young students can’t be educated through homeschooling, charter schools, or private schools. She also feels that the school system in the U.S. should be using more digital teaching methods. We are living in an age where information is at our fingertips through the internet, and she has criticized the modern school system for not being progressive enough. DeVos has talked about the failing public school system on multiple occasions, and she has also spoken about the solutions to the problem. In short, she would like students in the United States to have more options. While politicians and other public figures know how to talk a good game, DeVos has been in the trenches working hard for the very people who need it the most.



To learn more, visit www.betsydevos.com.

Talkspace – Eliminate the Problems that Come with Regular Counseling Sessions


There are many people who have been facing a lot of difficulties in their relationship with their partner and are thinking of giving up, or in other words, break up or file for divorce. However, before you give in to the struggles that have been overpowering your relationship, give professional therapy a chance. If traditional therapy seems too much for you, couples therapy offered on the mobile therapy app named Talkspace is definitely going to be useful for you. Talkspace started operations in the year 2012, and since the time of inception, it has bought smile to over a million of its customers so far.

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Talkspace continues to evolve with time and has added a bunch of useful features to its app, which is useful for its members. As of now, it has over three thousand registered, professional, and licensed therapists attached to it. If you and your partner are going through a rough patch in your relationship, register at Talkspace and consult with the couple therapist today. The therapist at Talkspace would ensure that you are able to get the answers you are looking for and provide that you can see through the problems. There is always light at the end of the tunnel, and no matter how bitter your relationship has gotten, there is always a solution that can light the old spark. It is what the therapist would achieve by consulting with you both through text, call, and e-mail. It is a smart way to provide therapy that Talkspace has developed and it ensures that the members are able to save travel time as well as get professional therapy at low cost.

Talkspace helps save marriages and clear misunderstandings that often break couples since they do not get help. Many couples wait for things to get worse because they do not want to spend money on counseling. For them, Talkspace is a great option as they can pick plan depending on what they can afford to pay. When couples talk to a therapist, they often come to know things that they would not otherwise realize. It helps couples understand each other better and encourage them to put more effort into their relationship.

Read more: https://www.talkspace.com/blog/2017/02/talkspace-reviews-experiences-help-decide-right/

Desiree Perez, cream of the crop rising to the top

Desiree Perez, chief operating officer at Roc Nation, is one of the leading ladies in the entertainment business. Having been in the business long before 2009, when she joined the Roc Nation, she has become a strong force behind entertainers like Jay-Z, Kevin Durant, and Rihanna.

Roc Nation, which was founded in 2008, is a world renown entertainment company.

Desiree Perez

They support their talent with management, publishing, touring, production, brand development and so much more. They are in control of their own award winning TV/film division. They also work with other companies and leading experts within the fields of technology, fashion, sports and more to build the business of their entertainers. It is easy to see just how much power and influence Ms. Perez has in the entertainment industry.

Ms. Perez is known as a master negotiator. She negotiated the Beyonce Formation tour which grossed $256 million from 49 sold out shows according to Billboard Boxscore, and ranked at #2 on Pollstar’s 2016 Year End Tours chart, having barely exceeded the $253 million made during On the Run II, a concert tour Beyonce and husband Jay-Z shared. She is also known for being a strong force in the agreement struck between Samsung and artist Rihanna. The deal was sealed at $25 Million, to allow Samsung to use Rihanna’s images, videos and music to help sell their new product line of Galaxy products.

This New Yorker has risen to the top of her field using her negotiation skills, business knowledge, flexibility, and connections within the businesses where she has gained success. She is a power house, a rising star in her own right.

Checkout Desiree Perez’s website to learn more – https://www.desireeperez.info/

Agera Energy Maintains an Upward Growth Trajectory Going into 2019

Founded in 2014, Agera Energy leads in the provision of energy supply, efficiency and audit service. The company boasts a business model that include guiding its customers through the wide array of energy options and help them to make the best energy decision. It aims at turning complex energy decisions into mere financial decisions. You don’t have to hassle up and down looking for the right option that will satisfy you. The company will help you to choose the right combination. Watch this video on Youtube.com.


Agera Energy focuses on educating as well as empowering its customers to make the right decisions. Customers leaves the kilowatt and therms issues to the company. Prior to Agera, energy costs were skyrocketing. It saw an opportunity to change the energy conversation in the country. The marketplace was crowded but energy consumers were underserved. In recognition of the fact that energy is an essential part of the community, the company could not be on the sideline and watch customers get exploited. Whether you’re a homeowner or a businessman, it is almost impossible to stay without energy. Agera Energy came into existence about five years ago to be different and serve customers differently.

Follow: https://twitter.com/ageraenergy?lang=en

Back in 2014, the winter had made energy budgets to skyrocket. Agera Energy came in to streamline the energy sector. It started off by acquiring a large national retail energy supplier. It also started by funding retail suppliers well empowering them to serve customers better. It continued to make acquisitions that made it increase its presence across the country. Currently, Agera Energy has 1.8 million contracted customers and still counting. It has maintained an upward growth trajectory and the focus on customer service has helped it earn the loyalty and respect of customers. Another driving factor is its strong management team.


Agera leverages a capable corporate leadership team to run its operations in a way that no other company can. Recently, it announced the addition of Mark Linzenbold as its Chief Financial Officer. The company’s CEO, Geoff Duda, announced the news in mid last year. The senior executive brings a strong background in the retail energy industry. Read more about Agera Energy at Medium.

39 Years of Rebel Wilson

 Rebel Wilson is one of the world’s most successful and most popular comedians right now – and she is still on an upward trend. Rebel Wilson was first popularly known for her stellar performance in the hit movie trilogy – “Pitch Perfect.” In the movie franchise, she was able to showcase all her talents: singing, dancing, acting, and her comedy.

What was so unique about Rebel Wilson was her immensely different take on her comedy, her Australian culture mixed with American humor was a complete hit for the masses. From then on, she was on a rapid upward trend and was booking gig after gig, movie after movie. She was also a big hit in her movie with Dakota Johnson, How To Be Single.


Rebel Wilson just made her newest wave last February in Valentine’s day with her newest Hollywood film with Liam Hemsworth and Priyanka Chopra – How To Be Single. It’s another Romantic Comedy film that operated as an anti-Romantic Comedy film. And in this film, Rebel Wilson was able to yet again, showcase her prowess in front of the camera.


We also saw a side of Rebel Wilson and here self-depreciating humor, which was not at all cringy, but it was so relatable and was just comedic and purely funny. This is movie is a great start for Rebel Wilson for this year of 2019. Isn’t It Romantic can now be streamed on Netflix.


Rebel Wilson just recently celebrated her last year of her dirty thirties. Rebel Wilson just turned 39 and her birthday celebration was nothing short of what you would expect from Rebel Wilson. Her birthday celebration was a nod to her upcoming movie adaptation of the hit Broadway musical – Cats, which is also coming this year in 2019. Read more: Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair and

Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour


Rebel Wilson’s friends threw a surprise birthday party for Rebel in her apartment, all decked out in a Cats costume: a black leotard, cat ears and paws. They then created the self proclaimed “hottest, newest workout dance craze” – catzercise. Rebel and her friends rehearsed for 30 minutes and shot the catzercise video in her apartment. It’s absolutely the best way to celebrate a Rebel birthday.


Click on the links below to learn more about Rebel Wilson:



Rebel Wilson To Play Jennyanydots In Universal-Working Title’s ‘Cats’

Why Neurocore’s brain training treatment is revolutionary

Dangers associated with mental and behavioral challenges are unimaginable if left unattended. This is the reason why there has been an increasing number of health campaigns to make people aware of the mental and behavioral wellbeing. For the longest time now, the only hope for those suffering from mental or behavioral challenges has been medication and psychotherapy. In some cases, the two treatment options have even been combined for the best results. Neurocore – brain performance centers – is introducing brain training as a new way to treat mental and behavioral challenges. This new treatment holds a lot of promise for those suffering from these conditions.

How is brain training better?

Ever since Neurocore introduced its brain training program as a treatment for mental and behavioral challenges at its brain performance centers, it has been getting very popular. This popularity is by a large extent as a result of its effectiveness against these ailments. This treatment option from Neurocore has been effective in treating anxiety, ADHD, ASD, depression, sleep disorders, stress, migraines, and memory loss.

The Neurocore brain training treatment option is better than the other traditional treatments like medication and psychotherapy as it addresses the ailment from its root. Brain training involves brain mapping to identify the electrical irregularities in the brain of a patient. These irregularities are usually responsible for the mental and behavioral challenges the patient is facing. Though brain training, the patient’s brain is trained on how to function normally and the electrical irregularities normalized.

About Neurocore

In the recent past, Neurocore has emerged as the top among brain performance centers thanks to the success of their brain training treatment. So far, these brain performance centers have helped thousands of patients suffering from mental and behavioral challenges to live healthy lives. This medical entity has positioned itself as one that’s rethinking and redefining mental health.

Neurocore creates a customized program for the treatment of every patient it analyzes for the best results. These brain performance centers take advantage of the revolutionary EEG technology to make these possible. In the meantime, Neurocore has been working to better its brain training programs for the best results.

Neurocore’s: Twitter.

Article Title: Susan McGalla Fought To Become A Successful And Respected Business Woman

Article Text:

The information available to help women advance within their careers is often far too generic. As the woman in charge of P3 Executive Consulting, Susan McGalla is able to offer excellent advice. She understands these women require a practical and authentic approach for competing in the business world as professionals. She learned the importance of confidence and that gender did not matter from her two brothers and her parents. She became comfortable working with either men or women. She attended Mount Union College and earned her BA prior to entering the working world.

Her career escalated in 1994 when she started working for American Eagle Outfitters. When she began, there were very few women in an executive position or with a place on the board. These positions were predominately filled by men. Susan McGalla worked hard to succeed. She eventually triggered a culture change within the company. She worked in a variety of positions in management, eventually being promoted to the Chief Merchandising Officer and President of the company. Her vast responsibilities included four brands, $3 billion in revenue, an e-commerce site and the P&L.

As time passed, Susan McGalla moved forward with her career. When the retail sector needed someone with an insider’s perspective, she started working for the key people in the finance industry as a consultant. The control she established over her career is a luxury she earned through her flexibility, working hard for many years and going after what she wanted the most. She never saw her gender as a factor for her career or her goals. She never intended to break the proverbial glass ceiling or felt entitled to any special treatment because she was a woman.

Susan McGalla wants to see women using the same attitude and approach she used to succeed in her career. Nothing would make her happier than to see the success of the future generations of women in the business world.

End Of Article

Sussex Healthcare making changes in leadership and technology


Sussex Healthcare is the largest caregiving facility in the United Kingdom. For the past 25 years, it has been home to hundreds of elderly and other adults affected by conditions that need specialized care. Since Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina established it, this organization has been committed to the work of taking care of the disadvantage in society. Today, Sussex Healthcare operates 20 homes in South Coast England that are equipped with the most recent equipment to ensure residents are getting the best services.


SHC is currently carrying out various programmes which are meant to ensure that the services they offer are up-to-date with the needs of the current world. The senior management is determined to implement changes that will ensure that they do not lag behind other organizations. The changes that will be implemented are all aimed at improving quality while the cost remains affordable. Read more health news about Sussex Healthcare at medicaldailytimes.com


Sussex Healthcare is making adjustments to the human resource and recruitment departments as a way of ensuring that they have the best staff for the work they do. The changes in these departments started early last year when Amanda Morgan-Taylor was recruited as the new CEO. The changes are going to happen in other positions to ensure that everyone who is working for Sussex Healthcare shares in the vision and dreams of the founders.


SHC is embracing technology in its operations. Today, almost every department of the facility please utilizing personal computers, laptops mobile phones and other devices inter-connected to facilitate better services delivery. In case one department would like to report a problem, it can be done directly from these devices.


There is also a team of IT experts who have been deployed to improve the technology in all the homes under SHC. The IT team is providing the staff with resources needed to understand how to use various technologies which are being implemented. There are also plans to update the intranet such that the company can share more news and information about their activities and operations.


Moving into the future, Sussex Healthcare is ready to arm itself with the tools needed to stay ahead of other organizations. The changes that are currently happening will go a long way in the realization of this objective. Check out: https://www.lovelocaljobs.com/employer/188207/sussex-health-care/



Edwin Miranda And Some Of The Things That Have Been Key To His Success

With the current market technology and knowledge, one can efficiently grow deals at all levels of the sales funnel. If you own marketing agency that is not performing at a high level, then it might be the right time to do a cost to benefit analysis. On the other hand, if your marketing department is making good use of the tools available, it allows you to tap into any level of the marketing sales funnel. KOI IXS is the best full-service performance marketing agency in Puerto Rico.

KOI IXS blog has a good list of examples of the company’s achievements with its clients. The company is based on an idea Edwin Miranda came up with at age 21. Since then, his company has been flourishing under his guidance and leadership. Edwin Miranda formulated the company based on the old school and new school marketing wisdom technologies.

To have a clear understanding of the source of Miranda’s marketing deliberations one needs to peek into one of his favorite books ‘Predictive Marketing’. Edwin Miranda speaks of how the book can modify your outlook and increase your current knowledge. He believes that there is a new strategy of interacting with technology when buying and selling advertisements. The mentioned book provides a scheme for navigating the transition from marketing campaigns to the customer experience in real life.

Looking at Edwin Miranda’s company, it is clear that he has a strong desire, and he is passionate enough to lead KOI on a quest to grow a long list of satisfied customers. Miranda’s all-embracing passion can be felt throughout the KOI IXS organization. He says that his day kicks off every morning at 5:30 a.m. He then proceeds to create a to-do list for all he has to do that day. His list always contains short, medium and long term goals together with the people and necessary materials needed to accomplish them.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Gives His Opinions On Brazil

Brazil, a country that’s hanging by a thread, has experienced severe economic ruin in the last year. According to numerous research studies, Brazil’s poor infrastructure is mainly responsible for their decline. In 2017, Brazil is reported to have terminated 517 infrastructure projects. The National Confederation of Industry released this fact, along with some other shocking statistics. Of those 517 jobs, 447 were basic sanitation facilities. Railway, highway, waterway, and school projects were terminated as well. Even inexpensive and straightforward works including sports facilities and ports didn’t make it to completion. Visit his website felipemontorojens.com to learn more.

Not surprisingly, Brazil’s critical state is triggering intense concern, especially within economists and project analysts. Felipe Montoro Jens is one specialist who’s taken it upon himself to examine the situation. Jens concludes that Brazil is suffering in various areas. While poor planning and internal relations are prominent issues, Brazil’s largest shortcoming is technical difficulties. Ilana Ferreira supported Jens’ deductions, stating that “the main problem that leads to the stoppage of works is technical.” With that said, Brazil is in dire need of some updated technology. If the nation remains rooted in outdated practices, their operations won’t evolve alongside the modern world.

While Jens believes that improved planning procedures and conservative spending could alleviate the vast majority of Brazil’s problems, their primary drawback is their negligence. Brazil has time and again demonstrated their disinterest in these matters, and it’s causing specialists like Jose Augusto Fernandes to come unhinged. Fernandes is an analyst with the National Confederation of Industry, and he believes that Brazil is incapable of learning from their faults. Above all else, Fernandes is disturbed by Brazil’s unwillingness to rectify the situation. Though it’s clear to most that Brazil is on a downward spiral, the nation seems fine with coasting along until their economy peters out.

Learn more: http://maringa.odiario.com/politica/2018/03/veja-com-felipe-montoro-jens-cidade-mineira-investe-em-ppp-para-estimular-o-lazer-e-a-pratica-de-atividades-fisicas-da-populacao/2476577/