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Dr. Avi Weisfogel: The Real Combination of Art and a Dentist Career

Avi Weisfogel was a late addition to the world of music. He has an in-depth background in dentistry and sleeps apnea. With nothing but an international motivation and dope beat, Avi Weisfogel has learned to take full control over everything the music industry and hip-hop society has to offer. In the recent past, Avi Weisfogel has built an enormous amount of fan-base on Southland and looks forward to sharing his music using this particular platform.


While he was still a dentist fixing teeth problems on a regular basis, Avi Weisfogel is a big fan of the New York Giants Football Club. He watches them play every Sunday evening from the comfort of his home. Avi Weisfogel is also a prominent philanthropist supporting multiple health campaigns throughout the United States. One of the most recent beneficiaries of his philanthropic efforts is the Open File Videography and Orography Foundation.


Since he first started his dental practice, Avi Weisfogel has been treating sleep patients with dental tools. Avi Weisfogel’s keen interest in business and marketing led him to join numerous marketing clubs offered by dentists. No matter how successful Avi Weisfogel became at full mouth rehabs and marketing implants, he never found the best marketing strategy that would lead to a constant flow of patients. In 2010, everything changed in an instance. When he left his general practice, Avi Weisfogel opened a sleep-dedicated company. For over two years, his new practice swallowed millions of dollars to become what it represents at the moment. For more than a month, Avi Weisfogel created a 250-300 oral application of patients.


For the past two years, Avi Weisfogel has been teaching dentists students on the multiple ways to treat sleep patients using the oral tools. When he combined his knowledge and forces with Barry, he created the Dental Sleep Master’s Program. Therefore, he set his insights to reaching several dentists, patients, and physicians with this new technology that improves oral health care in the sleep medicine world.


Avi Weisfogel started his career in dentistry in New Jersey. He has gained patients trust through the acquisition of multiple Best Dentist of the Year Awards.

Handy remains relevant even through challenging times

Handy.com is New York based cleaning agent that has been faced with some daunting decisions on its growth. The start-up company (https://www.handy.com/cleaning-services/new-york) was stranded on how to expand the business and at the same time keep investors happy. Earlier this year the company faced a big challenge after they had rolled out their online onboarding process in all of its 28 markets. They had first tested the idea in January 2015 in their Miami and Washington markets. Before they had decided to launch the service in all of its markets, they received some $35 million in funding. This was quite relieving for the firm but also created some stress.

The investors were now skeptical of the validity of such investments. This was when the company decided to roll out on boarding to all of its markets. This brought a huge challenge since the launch plummeted over 40 percent. Handy had to cancel thousands of booking to inadequate cleaners. The customers’ complaints skyrocketed due to the shortcoming. This was just another stumble on the company as it had changed focus from growth to profitability.

They had a lot of competition from firms like Homejoy, at some point, it was a land grab against this well-founded firms. The Homejoy went out of business as of July 2015, and this was kind of an advantage to Handy as they did not have any competition for the market with the aggressive unit economics like those of Homejoy. Handy still had to make some major decision to raise their profitability at the lowest input possible. It had to retrench a significant number of workers and straighten the kinks in the onboarding system.

Handy has had a rough time as a startup. But it has been able to remain on top of the turbulent market and remain relevant in the changing dynamics of making a start-up successful. The company had to appreciate the fact that for a startup to be successful today, growth is not the only metric to focus on.


Securus Receives Highest Rating from BBB

Securus Technologies is well known for being one of the most significant providers of communications and security products and services to the correctional facility industry. The company provides hundreds of facilities across the country with a variety of services, the most popular of which is the new video visitation service that has been known to improve security and efficiency of all facilities across the country.




While the company is well known for its high-quality products and services, many people may not consider other factors that go into what makes the company such a great vendor for correctional facilities. Along with their nearly 1,200 employees across the country, the Dallas-based company also operates a 200+ seat call center that helps to ensure the company continues to maintain a positive reputation.




The efforts that the company takes to ensure that the needs and expectations of its customers are met has also gained the attention of the Better Business Bureau. Earlier this year the Better Business Bureau announced that it was giving the company an overall rating of A+, which is the best that it available. The A+ rating is typically reserved to only companies that are leaders in their field, give a continued high-level of customer satisfaction, and have a positive online and offline reputation.




The rating that was provided by the Better Business Bureau is just the latest example in the company’s ability to provide a quality service and product. Securus Technologies was required to successfully pass a wide range of criterion to receive the accolades, which included building trust with consumers, advertising honestly to potential consumers, be responsive to any customer complaints or issues, embody integrity, and provide a safe environment when it comes to security and other risks. Overall, the company was considered a leader in each criteria, which resulted in the strong overall rating.


Importance of having a good SEC whistleblower attorney

Being a whistleblower needs sacrifice and focus as it comes not only with its advantages but also its downhill. Those willing to go down this lane need to be totally sure that this is what they want to do as they may face social segregation even though the rewards are worth it. It is for this reason that one needs to be sure about getting their rewards after successfully helping SEC build a case against a company committing violations regarding finance, administration, and any other violation.

With the implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission have the responsibility to see to it that any whistleblower that gives original information that leads to a successful case should be rewarded with monetary incentives of up to 30% if the financial sanctions placed on the guilty party exceed the million dollar mark. The incentive could range from 10% to 30%.

Bodies and law firms such as Labaton Sucharow have gone on to train SEC whistleblower attorneys who specialize in helping whistleblowers get the most out of the reward program. Most of the SEC whistleblower lawyers were on the original board that was reinstated with the task of developing and implementing the whistleblower act in the Dodd-Frank Act and therefore have a better understanding of the reform.

A lawyer will help you to:
1. Establish if the information you are willing to provide to SEC meets the threshold of originality required. If it doesn’t, the lawyer could still help argue that the information provided by the whistleblower helped in one way or another to build a successful case, in which case, the whistleblower deserves part of the reward.

2. Keep investigating the case you are building and provide SEC with more information in the course of their investigation. This will increase the whistleblower’s chances of getting the monetary reward and other awards.
3. The lawyer can help you argue that the information you presented to SEC helped greatly in deterring potential upcoming misconducts in the guilty company. For this reason, the rewards will be more significant.

Wengie “You’ve Changed!!!” Vlog – Wengie Talks Costumes and Changing

In one of Wengie’s most recent vlogs, she shows off a handful of Halloween costumes, changing from one to the other in a fitting display as she talks about change.


She begins with a series of filters from Snapchat, starting with the puffy-faced one with glasses. After removing the uncomfortable cotton balls stuffed in her cheeks, she moves on to the infamous dog filter. Wengie demonstrates her makeup skills with this look, created with Derivan Face and Body Paint.


She also demonstrates the removal of the makeup, which is surprisingly easy, though the paint does sort of ball up in little rubbery pieces.


Next up is her favorite look: the deer filter! As she demonstrates the deer filter look, she spends a few moments talking about change and what it means to her.


She talks about how oftentimes when a blogger or internet presence gets popular, viewers will talk down to them about how they’ve changed since the beginning. But to Wengie change is a good thing. She says she would personally be disappointed in herself if, in three years, she hadn’t changed at all.


During her discussion, she also talks about how she isn’t a makeup artist and how she originally started as a fashion blogger, but an invite to a makeup competition resulted in makeup tutorial requests. Wengie is self-taught though, and she says, that’s why her channel isn’t all makeup tutorials but is branching into other things like DIY, a process that started when she and Max teamed up for one.


She does say that if anyone wants to see makeup tutorials, she’d love requests, but she feels as if she doesn’t have many day-to-day looks to continue offering and doesn’t want to produce any mediocre content.


The video isn’t all serious though. She plays around in the deer costume and sings a bit after inhaling helium from a balloon to change her voice to match the Snapchat filter.


Her final costume display is a Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn, and she shows off Kat Von Dee’s Underage Red lipstick.

George Soros on historical lessons Ukraine should learn from

In a bid to help Ukraine, George Soros has stated that partners of the country should come together and have sanctions against Russia. Doing this would mean that there will be no more propaganda that could be put forth to blame Russia’s leadership to its economic and political problems. Soros has argued in his publications that Russia has managed to advance its causes over Ukraine. He states that the Russian President is ready to go to a full-scale war and use nuclear weapons. Allies of the Ukraine on the other hand are working hard to avert any sort of military clash with Russia. Russia has managed to engage in hybrid war in whatever way it desires.

George Soros believes that another key component to help the Ukraine is to provide economic assistance. He argues that Europe might play a lead role in ensuring transformation of Ukraine. The state is today plagued by excessive patronage, corruption and lack of a free fair democracy. By ensuring financial assistance to the reforms, Europe may go on a venture to ease the work that reformists in Ukraine are doing. Reformists in the country have always found it difficult as there are opponents that oppose the political class highly. He notes that it is sad that apart from International Monetary Fund, there has been no other body willing to commit to large scale financial resources and assist Ukraine.

Read more: Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

George Soros thinks that there is a big reason towards the experienced reluctance on nytimes.com. Most of those reasons are completely justified. Ukraine has recorded poorly in its previous attempts for reforms. Billions of dollars were spent towards the reforms but only found their way to pockets of rulers. The bureaucracy government by the European commission has also been slow. It has failed to reevaluate convictions without any form of bias. As such, agreements made with its former head of state should be reevaluated.

George Soros went forth to publish an essay in the New York Book reviews. The title of the Essay is Wake Up Europe on wsj.com. He highlights Europe’s struggles with threats from Russia where he notes that neither European leaders nor its citizens are aware of the kind of threat posed by Russia. He pushes for EU member states to wake up and act as if the countries are in an indirect war.

Mr. Soros passion to help the Ukraine dates many year ago. He has been engaged in advising the nation since it established its foundation back in 1990. He has always argued that EU failed to recognize that a Russian attack on Ukraine is an indirect attack to the EU. The future of organizations and partners with Ukraine and the European Union itself have always been at risk. Mr. Soros passionately argues how the EU lost its way since the financial crisis as experienced in 2008. Instead of going forth on an economic strictness, the country should invest its efforts in war. He points out that the support of strict policies have always been dividing and weakening Europe. This has limited it from being willing and able to offer assistance to the Ukraine.

Waiakea Volcanic Water: Sustainability Redefined

It seems likely that a choice word for the 21st century is “sustainability”, and one company taking it to the next level in environmental-friendly water production is Waiakea water. Its rise in profitability has been nothing short of amazing since Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water launched in 2012.


Incredibly, an unprecedented 5,000 percent growth of the triple bottom line performer has now exploded and expanded to nearly 2,300 stores over a 30-state area in the U.S. alone. One can say that business is so good that another production facility is opening in Hawaii to help stem the now lucrative international market’s demand. Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.forbes.com/sites/helainahovitz/2015/10/20/now-thats-refreshing-22-year-olds-hawaiian-bottled-water-grows-4000-in-3-years/#52a85baf5332


Seeing an annual average growth rate of 170 percent, the Hawaiian-based company currently is valued at over $10 million–with no signs of abating. The premium water supplier is currently available in nation-wide chain stores including Whole Foods and Wawa.


What Makes The Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Difference


Essentially, water originating from the pristine Hawaiian volcanic landscape lying just south of Hilo contains a unique mineral composition that is rich in electrolytes like sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and silica.


Emmons goes on to state: “Studies show that drinking 10 mg per day of silica in water can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by 11 percent,”


New, Sustainable Packaging


According to  PR Newswire, Made with high-grade, 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate, which essentially uses 85 percent less energy in the manufacturing process as opposed to regular or virgin plastic bottles, Waiakea water uses plastic that is BPA-free and reduces emissions by a whopping 90 percent or more.


A Company With A Heart


Ryan Emmons, founder of Waiake water a Hawaiian Volcanic Water says: “We’ve gone from selling a couple thousand cases of Waiakea a year to more than 120,000 cases. And, it feels even better knowing that as a result of this increase, 500 million liters of clean water have been donated to under-served communities in Africa.”


No doubt this charitable giving to those who can’t give, has helped spur sales beyond what even Emmons himself envisioned for his company. Partnering with Pump Aid, Waiakea Hawaiian has delivered more than 3,200 Elephant Pumps, to over 1.3 million people so far.


At the core of this company’s identity is protecting the environment and Hawaiian culture in general. Its honored slogan and philosophy can be easily said to be: “Malama I Ka’aina” or to “respect and care for the land.” With this philosophy in its mind and heart, profits zoom and employment opportunities as well for those who share in this sustainable mindset.

Fast Company Highlights EOS vs. Chapstick Battle

Fast Company is a magazine that tracks the success of innovative companies that are doing things that result in fast growth. This year there were a lot of companies that took the lead and grew at fast rates, and the Evolution of Smooth was one of these companies. It has become an interesting organization that has become the dominant force in the lip balm industry.


There is a battle with ChapStick, but people that are looking at the advertisements and the sales will realize that the EOS Lip balm is winning this battle. ChapStick had the lead for many years. This company was leading in sales for many years. Some might even say that there was a monopoly in the lip chap product industry. There were other generic products out there, but ChapStick had already established a name. This product was able to become a dominant force because it had a name that was directly linked to what it helped prevent. It was also a dominant force because it worked well. The buzz spread, but there was really nothing incredibly special about this product. It simply rose to the top because there was no other real competition for ChapStick.


View the complete EOS product gallery on Pinterest and Racked.com.


Fast Company has tracked out another lip balm company that has come out and given people something to talk about. Evolution of Smooth (http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245) appears to be the unlikely contender that has reached out to the youth. That is something that ChapStick has failed to do successfully. One might compare this to the battle between Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft continued to focus on computer software while Apple pushed for more mobile technology. The end result was the iPhone and the iPad. Microsoft loss profits by ignoring the fact that younger kids do not even have computers because they rely on smart devices.


Achieve fulfillment in life by enrolling at Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a not-for-profit organization that teaches the doctrines of Kabbalah to enroll students. The teachers at Kabbalah Centre provide learners with spiritual tools founded on Kabbalistic doctrines that learners can then apply as they deem fit in order to improve their individual lives — in doing so, improve the world. Rav Yehuda Ashlag was the founding father of the Centre in 1992. Today, the Centre spans internationally with physical locations in over 40 cities and a widespread online presence.



Interested persons can enroll at any nearby Kabbalah Centre to study Kabbalah. So, what is Kabbalah? Well, it’s an ancient knowledge that provides applied tools for creating happiness and eternal fulfillment. Essentially, we always want good health, financial security, and happy relationships. Unluckily, many people are resigned on a given level to the travails of life. One day, you are happy; the next day you are feeling sad. Can situations start well and continue to get better every day rather than fluctuate? Indeed, there’s a way. By studying Kabbalah, you will learn how to negotiate the travails of life and get rid of any form of pain, chaos, and anguish.



At any Kabbalah Centre, students are taught 5 key principles of the Kabbalah wisdom. First, students are encouraged to share in order to receive life fulfillment. Secondly, understanding and balance of the negatives and positives propagated by the ego are emphasized. Third, the existence of spiritual laws that influence people’s lives. Next, the understanding that all humans are one and must be treated with utmost dignity. Lastly, rising from your comfort zone in order to help others enhances positivity in life.



The Kabbalah Centre employs different ways to help learners understand the key Kabbalistic principles. For example, the Centre creates courses, classes, books, audio products as well as online course and lectures. The Centre also organizes spiritual retreats and trips to energy sites, closely associated with renowned Kabbalists. Additionally, the Centre also engages in volunteer initiatives that emphasize sharing including feeding the poor, visiting the sick and cleaning the beaches. Last but not least, the Centre has a mentor program that provides new learners with an experienced tutor or mentor to help them effectively understand the Kabbalistic doctrines and teachings.


More about Kabbalah Centre at http://www.kabbalah.info/


Using The Past And Present To Build An Online Reputation

One thing that should be understood about reputation is that it is based on the actions of the past. It can be influenced by what one does today. Therefore, it is important that one makes sure that he manages his behavior so that he can show himself to be someone that is trustworthy and respectable. This is especially important for the success of his business. If one runs a business that is showing signs of a bad reputation, then it will likely fail. The best thing to do is for one to make sure that he is making the needed improvements to his reputation.

One of the best ways he can build and improve his reputation.com is through monitoring. This is important so that one can look at all of the actions that had an effect on his customer. While there are often more satisfied customers than angry customers, the dissatisfied customers are going to be more likely to add reviews. Therefore, it is important to make sure that he is doing right by others so that he can reduce the chances of having bad reviews. This is where the monitor will come in handy for the business owner.

Also with monitoring, one will be able to keep track of every mention of his company. When his company is being mentioned, he is not always going to be aware since customers are going to go to various sources in order to make their mentions of their company. Not only will the monitor alert the user to every mention of the company, it is also going to make sure that the user knows whether or not the mention is worth responding to. It is very important for the business owner to pick his battles. The wrong step could cause a lot of problems for his business.