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Why EOS’ Sweet Mint is Sweet Indeed

EOS lip balms have long been loved for the high quality ingredients that they use as well as their all-natural and non-artificial tasting lip balm. All too often, lip balms have this synthetic flavor associated with them those results in them tasting like medicine and I stay away from them.

It is with this reservation that I tried the sweet mint lip balm that EOS makes. Mint lip balms always taste like vapor rub to me and, though I love the flavor of fresh mint, I never buy it in lip balm form.

EOS’ sweet mint lip balm came as a revelation to me. It tasted like the authentic mint I love and without the fake medicine like flavor that is all too common in mint lip balms. The sweetness in the sweet mint balm was subtle and by no means pucker inducing being subtle and with a luscious application. It was a big change of pace from traditional mint lip balms and that the non-artificial ingredients shine through and it was refreshing and everything I love about mint flavored items, in lip balm form.

EOS’ applicator orbs (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm) were also a great addition in that they are unique in appearance and easy to find in my pocketbook, but also are sanitary to use as you do not need to use your fingers to apply. They also stand out on shelves of Target and Walmart and attract customers like myself who love their unique and brightly colored orbs.

That was a good thing for me as EOS’ sweet mint is now seeing daily use, mixed up only with their strawberry sorbet flavor when I get into a mood for a fruity flavor (https://www.amazon.ca/eos-Pomegranate-Raspberry-Lip-Balm/dp/B00B6A9KTU) to mix in. If you have any inclination for mint flavored things try the sweet mint offering from EOS. It is sweet indeed.

For more product information, visit the EOS Facebook page.

Jeffry Schneider – A Finance Professional

A corporate world needs so many elements to engineer its success. Perhaps, human beings are seen as the best ingredient for the targeted achievements to be realized. For instance, let’s consider Jeffry Schneider as a good example. Jeffry Schneider is one man whose efforts have been reflected in the smooth establishment of the boutique Austin-based Ascendant Capital LLC. He has accomplished a lot in his company.


For this purpose, Ascendant Capital has grown rapidly for a five-year period. No wonder, it had more than thirty employees with a handsome amount of $1 billion on behalf of numerous managers. An equally significant aspect portrayed by Jeffry Schneider’s effort is how Ascendant Capital can hold more than fifty broker-dealers, 250 investment advisers and many family offices. Likewise, this man has enabled the organization to venture in real estate business, automotive and technology.


Above all, Jeffry Schneider’s plan is to increase the company’s capital by raising $50 million monthly. Having considered the above-discussed attributes made by Jeffry Schneider, it’s also important to look at a vital role played by him. As a team player, Jeffry Schneider has succeeded in binding his members together to achieve the required goals.


This culture of teamwork has made the company have a good working environment and peaceful co-existence of members. Furthermore, firms like Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch and Alex Brown and Sons became successful during his tenure. Besides his profession, Jeffry Schneider is fond of staying physically fit, and good health is paramount to him. Also, he’s a celebrated father who likes traveling and contact him.

Adam Goldenberg Confirms that TechStyle Fashion Group is Still Committed to its Vision of Redefining the Fashion Arena

Adam Goldenberg is a globally known fashion entrepreneur and developer of profitable startups. Adam Goldenberg co-founded Techstyle Fashion Group back in 2010 with his longtime business associate Don Ressler. Currently, Goldenberg holds the co-CEO post at the e-commerce fashion giant. When he entered the fashion sector, Goldenberg’s primary agenda was to redefine it by incorporating technology and data into the whole business cycles, starting from product development, manufacturing, supply, to client experience.

Since its inauguration, TechStyle has become a leader in the fashion sector. It has expanded both its product pipeline and geographical presence by launching and acquiring four successful brands: ShoeDazzle, JustFab, FabKids, and Fabletics. The firm has over 4 million active subscribers on a VIP membership. Adam Goldenberg commenced his fashion career at the age of 17 after building and selling his first startup to Intermix Media. Following this acquisition deal, Intermix Media appointed Goldenberg as the COO.

JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

A few years ago, prominent social media platforms were filled with rumors that JustFab was considering adopting a new name. The rumors on crosscut.vc turned into a reality when JustFab took up the name TechStyle Fashion Group. The purpose of the rename is to stress on the firm’s authority in both tech and fashion words.

Adam Goldenberg’s remarks

Adam Goldenberg, the co-head of the newly named firm, said that when he collaborated with Ressler to start JustFab, their mission was to revolutionize the shopping experience by providing on-trend fashion at a fantastic value at http://vator.tv/news/2015-05-12-whats-it-like-to-be-a-unicorn. The two fashion gurus have stayed committed to that mission. On the other hand, the company has turned into an established brand-building platform, which leverages personalization and data to grow.

Origin of the name

The new corporate marketing officer, Shawn Gold, suggested the name during the spring. Shawn manages marketing campaigns of each of the brands. He ensures the aims of portfolio brands are in line with TechStyle’s corporate distinctiveness as mentioned on Twitter. Since 2010, TechStyle has raised nearly $300 million and is targeting revenue of $650 million in 2017 fiscal year.

JustFab secures $85 million in its round of financing

Speaking to Pando today, Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg confirmed that JustFab had garnered $85 million in its round of funding. The Passport Special Opportunity Fund led the funding campaign. Other participants included Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, and the Shining Capital. The recent financing that was fully primary capital has brought the total capitalization of the firm to $250 million.

Mikhail Blagosklonny, Anti-aging The Possibility Is Real

Mikhail Blagosklonny, is an oncology professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York. He began his career with Roswell in 2009 and brought extensive experience and skill with him. His research includes cancer, cancer targeted therapies, aging, and anti-aging drugs. Through his research, he has developed a hypothesis regarding TOR signaling in aging as well as cancer. He has suggested using rapamycin, a cancer drug, as a possibility for extending lives. He is seen as a passionate advocate for further research into this use. Dr. Blagosklonny believes normal cells can be protected from damage through this therapy and that it can even cure cancer. Additionally, he has authored many articles on hyper function theory to aging and anti cancer approach called chemotherapeutic engineering and cell cyclotherapy. He was driven into this field by his desire to build a disease free world, and his deep love for humanity. Read more on Impact Journals.

Dr. Blagosklonny is an accomplished writer, and has written more than 300 articles, reviews, and chapters in books. He is the Editor in Chief of Aging and Cell Cycle. He currently or previously was the Associated Editor for Cancer Biology & Therapy, Cancer Research, Cell Death & Differentiation, Autophagy, International Journal of Cancer, American Journal of Pathology, and PLOS ONE.

Mikhail Blagosklonny earned his M.D. and PhD from First Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg. His M.D. is in internal medicine and his PhD is in experimental medicine and cardiology. Previously, he served as an associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York and as a senior scientist at Ordway Research Institute at Albany, New York.

Visit ResearchGate.Net to learn more about Mikhail’s latest work.

Buy From Beverly Hills Auto Group

If you don’t like throwing your money away on silly fees or depreciation, then buying a used BMW is for you. Beverly Hills Auto Group has the luxury car of your dreams and you will save money by not buying brand new. And no one will ever know that you bought your BMW used.

Beverly Hills Auto Group will get you pre-approved for your loan and will even buy your old car for a really great price. Beverley Hills Auto Group will take care of you and you can even bring along your mechanic. Because at Beverly Hills Auto Group, they only sell vehicles that at of good quality and that will pass safety and mechanical inspections. Beverly Hills Auto Group will get you in the car you want, while you save money on destination fees and on other useless fees that you get dinged with when you buy new.

Anthony Petrello’s Legacy Of Giving Back

Anthony Petrello began his path in higher education by receiving a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. In addition, he also obtained both Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Mathematics from Yale University. Completing multiple degrees in two of most highly regarded universities in America was just the beginning for Anthony Petrello.

From 1979 to 1991, Petrello worked in the law industry, for the firm of Baker & McKenzie. In 1992, he would go on to become the President of Nabors Industries, becoming CEO in 2011. Nabors Industries has won multiple awards in its respective field. In 2007, the EnCana Safety Recognition Award was won by Nabors Industries for achieving excellence in safety measures. Safety awards from the CAODC are other trophies that Nabors has won. The CAODC awards are given out when a business excels at being a safe business. In 2009, over 100 separate Nabors Industries employees were given these awards. In 2011, he started work as a Director at Stewart & Stevenson, LLC. Anthony Petrello’s total calculated compensation, for the fiscal year of 2015, is $27,663,602.

The daughter of Cynthia and Tony Petrello has been a fighter all of her life. A premature birth, at only 24 weeks, Carena weighed just 20 ounces when she was born. Diagnosed with Perventricular Leuomalacia, a disease that is caused by lack of oxygen or blood to the brain of a premature child. Cynthia and Tony Petrello began to work with the Texas Children’s Hostpital, presenting them with an extremely generous $5 million donation to further research efforts. His dedication and generosity led Petrello to earn a seat on the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees.

Learn more about Tony Petrello: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2014/05/27/why-nabors-ceo-wont-top-best-paid-bosses-list-again-in-2014/

Madison Street Capital Arranges Minority Recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation

Madison Street Capital reputation has always gone beyond the horizon to precede them. Madison Street Capital is a Chicago-based investment banking company with the specialization in an exclusive financial advisory. For all the products the company offers, it has always stayed ahead of the rest and become a pillar in the industry. For this reason, it has attained numerous transactions in line with market advantage in the development of capability in this unmatched industry. The company has recently held an advisory position for the ARES Security Company based in the United States. Madison Street Capital held a position as the main financial advisory company to work in the capacity of development in a manner that has no depiction in is an industry.



The Vienna-based company has decided to undertake a multi-million transaction to require the exclusive services offered by Madison Street Capital. For this reason, the Ares Security Company is one of the major security management for risk and evaluation company in the United States. For all security solutions, you might consider the services offered by the corporation to be end-to –end encrypted. As a matter of fact, no one in this industry has more capability in this structure than the Ares Security Company.



For the minority recapitalization, it was provided by the Corbel Equity Company. However, the transaction was headed by Madison Street Capital. It was also announced by Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Ronald McCaughey, the Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, was the leader of the transaction in the mid-situation analysis.



According to the Ares Security Company President Ben Ezze, they are truly honored by the services rendered to them in the capacity of the financial advisors. For the company, they will compare these services to no other company in the industry. For this reason, they will keep on singing the services offered by the company in a manner that does not depict the true nature in the industry. For you to develop high-end capabilities in the industry, you will never get better results through sustainability and market advantage. Therefore, ensure you meet the correct people in the industry to get better results in any work you want to do.



According to the Ares President, they also appreciate the services rendered to them through Madison Street Capital Management. For this reason, you will never fail to achieve better results in a manner that does not depict the actual nature in this capability. Or you to get better business, you might want to consider better business through access and sustainability. In case you are ascertained in business, you will not want to consider better business as the end of everything. However, it is the begging of transactions.


For more information, visit http://madisonstreetcapital.org/.



A Premier Cosmetic Surgeon: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the top cosmetic surgeons in Texas and one of the most highly regarded doctors in the United States. Her practice is currently based in Austin, Texas after she moved from New York City, where she began her career, to be closer to her family. She is one of the most famous plastic surgeons in the United States because of the numerous awards she has received for her work and her numerous appearances on TV shows and in magazines.


Dr. Walden has won multiple awards for her work as a cosmetic surgeon. In 2015 she was recognized as the Texas Super Doctor of the year and was also nominated as being one of the best cosmetic surgeons in the Austin region. Her recognition as Texas Super Doctor of the year is especially meaningful as it was an honor bestowed upon her by her peers. Both of these honors prove that she is held in high regard in her field for her fantastic work completing cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasty and augmentations.


Dr. Jennifer Walden has been mentioned in numerous publications and featured on many television shows. She has participated in these publications to give her expertise on different types of cosmetic surgeries and the process of these operations in general. She has been featured in local print media such as Austin Woman and Dallas/Fort Worth’s Indulge as well as national media such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Self. Dr. Walden has also been featured on television networks such ABC, NBC, and CBS and shows such as The Today Show and The Early Show.


Dr. Walden is one the best plastic surgeons in the Austin, Texas area as evident by her numerous awards and featured commentary in numerous national publications and television shows. She is the doctor to call if you want to ensure your cosmetic procedure turns out perfectly.

Read more about Jennifer Walden:


Reviewing The Role Of MB2 Dental To Supporting Dental Practice

MB2 Dental has been working with dentists and dental offices while offering them the support needed to build strong and reliable systems. Having a reliable system takes more than just having the right skills to deliver services to clients.


For a dentist to succeed and have easy time at work, the individual should also satisfy other needs like accounting and marketing. However, many dentists are not skilled enough to understand how to conduct marketing or keep accounts of their finances.  According to White Pages, they need a third party to execute such roles effectively, and this is how MB2 Dental comes in.


Dental practice recruitment services


The recruitment terms that MD2 offers are meant to avail the brightest and most reliable workers. The company concentrates on hiring qualified and experienced individuals, who are also talented enough to make impact to the operations of the dental office.


Quality and capability as well as the dedication required are some of the top considerations that MB2 Dental uses while hiring and vetting through professionals. Most dentists are more concerned about building the profile of their business and will not give much attention to the hiring process. Instead, they invite companies like MB2 Dental to facilitate the handling of the process.


IT support services


IT services are a vital resource that every dental office should consider embracing. MB2 Dental offers dental offices and professionals the support needed to set up a strong and reliable IT system that is synced with their working environment to make work easier. Learn more about more MB2 Solutions:  http://www.vitals.com/dentists/Dr_Akhil_Reddy


Technology makes access to services easy and speeds up the implementation of ideas. MB2 Dental offers data management, custom A/V installations, backup and disaster recovery, maintenance plans, hardware installations and upgrades among other services. With this support, the dental office is customized to fit within the modern landscape and to be easy to navigate while serving patients.


Finance and accounting services

Managing the finances and accounts of a dental office is a vital role that helps a dentist to build a better system. MB2 Dental helps dentists to review their progress and to understand the things they should consider changing to maintain the performance of the business.


In the absence of accounting and finance support, a dentist may find it challenging to understand the health status of the business, and this could spell doom for the business since there is no data to advice the decision making process that leads to growth.


Maggie Gill Discusses Challenges Facing Health Care Industry

Maggie Gill’s career at Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) started in 2004, as VP of finance/managed care. Promoted to chief operating officer in 2005 and in 2011 named the president and CEO of Memorial Health. Before joining MUMC Maggie served as the chief financial officer (CFO) for Tenet South Florida Health, where she was awarded the Tenet Outstanding CFO award not once but three times. While serving with Tenet South Maggie had the opportunity to work at several different hospitals, including Palmetto General Hospital in Hialeah, Florida, North Shore Medical Center in Miami, and the Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida.

Maggie’s responsibilities are varied and many, she offers advice on leadership to vice presidents and leading physicians at MUMC, as well as oversees many departments. Maggie is responsible for perioperative services, corporate communications, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, internal audits, facilities management, the Heart & Vascular Institute, trauma services, and financial assistance programs. She is also directly responsible for any matters concerning the government or negotiations between the hospital and staff.

Recently Maggie Gill, in a presentation before the board of directors, advised the board the health care system, as predicted, continues to lose money. She attributes this to the many changes in our health care system. She elaborated that only two out of three patients can pay their bill, even with government reimbursements for medical services and went on to say that without a deep-pocket partner the hospital would face further financial challenges. In her efforts to correct this situation, Maggie has announced a new initiative, Pathways to Excellence that has already found overall savings of $12.6 million, this includes $7.6 million from Premier Inc., a healthcare improvement company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Gill is confident the Pathway to Excellence initiative, with continued help from Premier, will show results over the next 18 months putting the hospital in a position to prepare for future opportunities.

Memorial Health has been the recipient of several awards and accolades under Maggie Gill, the American College of Radiology, Blue Cross Blue Shield, the Aetna Institute of Quality, and the Georgia Hospital Association are among the health care organizations that have given high marks to Memorial Health for excellent health care. Maggie Gill has attended both Florida State University and Saint Leo University, graduating with honors from each, she held a bachelor’s degree from Florida State and earned an MBA from Saint Leo University. Maggie has also completed several courses in strategic thinking and management at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.