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Michael Nierenberg Has the Better Skills Of Leadership

Michael Nierenberg has made significant progress on the matters regarding the management and skills of leadership. He operates at the Global Mortgages and Securitized Products where he has set great move and created the platform that has made the company be at the top of the world.

One of the things that have made Michael Nierenberg be at the top of the management is his dedication and ability that he has on pushing for the goals of the company. The role that he has played at the firm has made him be at the top of the management ranking. Furthermore, he has enough experience that has made the company to be at the peak. Most of the firms have approached him with the intention of working with him. The uniqueness that Michael Nierenberg has made him be at the position that he occupies at the moment. He has leadership skills that have made him be the dynamic leader on various matters of management across the globe.

Michael Nierenberg has made the companies that he has worked with him before stand the better chance on various matters that deal with the prosperity of the firm. The style of management that he has applied has set him at the circle that sets the great channel of communication between the staffs who are junior at the senior ones. People and the team of experts in the world of business have supported the work of the Michael Nierenberg at all time.

Nierenberg has the better skills of leadership that have made him stand out as one of the great managers. He is presently at him management operations at New Residential Investment Corp. Additionally, he runs others matters such as Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation. The exposure that he has made him be at the highest position on matters of management across the globe.

Contact Michael Nierenberg: www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/company-officers/NRZ

Ryan Seacrest is one of America’s Most Well Known Names

Ryan Seacrest is an American television host, producer, and radio personality. He is best known for hosting the popular TV series American Idol; an American television series that features contests from around the US to compete in a singing competition. Ryan Seacrest has received Emmy Award nominations for the show and his other roles. He has been a host for American Idol since 2002.


In 2014, Ryan Seacrest founded his own clothing line known as Ryan Seacrest Distinction. The brand integrates a blend of premium fabrics, professional styles, and unique proportions tailored for men. The brand sells a variety of clothing items and accessories such as rings and ties.


On Air with Ryan Seacrest is a radio program that Ryan Seacrest hosts as well, where he talks about pop culture. Over the years, the program started to gain traction outside of the US. In 2014, the program was first aired in Bangkok, Thailand. The program is also broadcasted in Malaysia and Thailand. KIIS-FM is the host station for the program.


More of Ryan’s career includes his morning talk show called “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. The premise of the show is to host a husband and wife that talk about popular events. The hosts will call an audience member watching the show to answer questions about pop culture.


Later on in his career, Ryan founded a non-profit organization known as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The organization is focused on inspiring youth through entertainment and education. The company is working on several goals with the intention to inspire kids. Currently, the organization is looking to build broadcast media centers in pediatric hospitals. The media centers will be named Seacrest Studios and will give kids opportunities to explore creativity professions. This is to help their time spent at the pediatric centers.


Check Ryan here https://kellyandryan.com/uncategorized/ryan-bio/

Luxury Real Estate Has Been a Unique And Lucrative Opportunity for JHSF and Zeco Auriemo

JHSF’s chief executive officer, interestingly, also happens to serve as chairman for the company, and he deserves so much credit for all that he has done to grow the entity into one of its peers’ greatest threats in Brazil with regards to luxury building development. This leader, of course, is Zeco Auriemo, and he has truly shined in the areas of both planning and implementation. JHSF is in a great position, since its leader can locate where exactly the best opportunities are for the company to invest in developing a property and ultimately turn a satisfactory profit upon the completion of one of these real estate projects.

If you have not heard of Hotel Fasano, then maybe Cidade Jardim will be a more familiar JHSF property to you. Both of these projects have gained substantial notoriety. The first is located outside of Brazil in Uruguay, and the latter is much closer to the group’s home in the popular Sao Paulo, Brazil. Cidade Jardim, though, is quite a different project from Hotel Fasano because it is actually one of the most popular and prominent shopping centers that Brazilians have had the opportunity to shop at in recent time, and many of the products available for purchase in this building come directly from luxury brands.

With success in such a wide array of markets, from hotels to malls to residential buildings, it seems there is no cap on how many different real estate niches that JHSF can earn revenue from. Zeco Auriemo, since achieving his CEO position, has constantly been searching for these opportunities. Regardless of the property type, though, Auriemo and JHSF are consistently able to bring a unique luxurious style to each of these developments, and that is what clients ultimate appreciate the most about the company’s many different properties.

Alastair Borthwick Magical Life

Alastair Borthwick was a man who his name will never go below the soil. He was born on 17th February 1913 and in his life he lived an extraordinary life taking part in various activities and leaving historical marks in everywhere he stepped. He was a seasoned writer, best remembered for his book he almost never published. He was also a passionate hill climber as well as participated in the second war leaving remarkable achievements.

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire and raised in Troon, Ayrshire. At the age of 11, Borthwick and his family moved to Glasgow, a place where he attended high school. At the age of 16, he dropped out of school and begun working for Glasgow Evening Herald as a copytaker and promptly he graduated to busier roles. The seasoned writer was talented in many ways, so he was tasked to handle other functions such as writing and editing films related to women and children, compile crosswords, answer to readers` queries and review films. He was also a regular contributor to the front cover.

One of the most significant achievements at the Glasgow Evening Herald was the time he was invited to participate in the paper`s Open Air Page. Here, he came to realize his interest in outdoor recreation activities and his love for hill climbing.

Being a humble person, Alastair Borthwick made friends with berry pickers, tramps and other ordinary folks of that era of significant social changes. He was a simple person with a simple life who believed the ideal life was only to write a thousand words in the morning and catch a salmon in the evening.

His exposer to hill climbing made Borthwick courageous enough to take part in second world war. When the war broke, he joined the British Seaforths to fight against the Germans. He mainly participated in parts of North Africa, Sicily, and North Europe. In the war, Borthwick was exposed to great danger, and it was a death experience. Luckily enough to the end of the war, Colonel John Sym gave Alastair a different responsibility to pen down battalion history.

Victoria Doramus On The Organizations She Actively Participates With

Brooklyn, New York based philanthropist Victoria Doramus is passionate about giving back. Her charitable journey getting involved with these organizations started back in 2016. Since then, it has been a rewarding and grounding experience for the recovery expert. One of the organizations that Victoria can relate to more is the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

Doramus used to struggle with addition, but now works as a recovery expert. Amy Winehouse sadly died of alcohol poisoning at the age of 27. Her father and friends have since started this foundation in honor of her. Victoria plays a very active role in the foundation, helping others with addiction related problems. Here’s what they do. First off, they inform and education youth on the perils of alcohol and drug addiction. Then they help those who are at higher risk of becoming addicted to a substance or alcohol. One of the best parts of the foundation happens at Amy Winehouse’s personal recording studio. At-risk and disadvantaged youth are supported with their musical pursuits.They also help with personal development.

Another organization that Victoria Doramus is actively participating in is Room to Read. They know that the way we are going to change the world is by educating children. They help raise literacy rates in developing countries, but also work on gender equality when it comes to getting a proper education. To date, they have built over 1,500 schools and over 12,000 libraries in countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, and many more. When it comes to gender equality in education, Room to Read has given over 14,000 girls long-term educational scholarships.

There are two other non-profit organizations that Victoria Doramus is heavily active with. The first one is the Women’s Prison Association. They provides countless services for women in the American criminal justice system. Victoria also participates with Best Friends Animal Society. They help save animal’s lives who are routinely killed in animal shelters all over the world. They provide these animals with loving homes, but also have a santuary for those who cannot be adopted out.

For more information about Victoria Doramus, You can click here https://patch.com/new-york/new-york-city/victoria-doramus-garners-support-local-animal-shelter-ny

Media Investor and Philanthropist – Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is a renowned entrepreneur who has ventured a lot into the media and entertainment focusing his efforts towards helping the youth, a role that has made him build a good impression across the nation. He has held big positions in broadcast companies, cable televisions, and in both in national and local radios. He lately works with Emmy – winning “Live” as a permanent co-host with Kelly Ripa.


Ryan Seacrest is the host of the radio show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” where he is among the topmost syndicated radio shows nationally. He is also the executive producer and host of the annual New Year’s Eve program for the ABC.


Ryan Seacrest founded the RSP (Ryan Seacrest Productions) in the year 2006 and has since then been an Emmy-winning production in digital programming, scripted and unscripted creations. He also hosted the iconic series American Idol when it came back to the screen at first in 2018’s spring season on ABC. He also founded his firm, the RSF (Ryan Seacrest Foundation) which is focused on motivating the youth of today via enterprises which promote education and entertainment.


Ryan Seacrest’s interest in entrepreneurship goes a long way to fashion. Ryan Seacrest Distinction (2014) is one of the top-ranked menswear known for reveling iconic and classic looks. He is also a board member in the LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Arts) and also the chairman of the Grammy Foundation.


Ryan Seacrest is a big investor of both media and entertainment companies such as; marketing services, Pinterest, Civil Entertainment group, attn., DigiTour Media, AXS TV, Headspace, among many others. He is also a philanthropist who has managed to see the opening of 10 media centers in the country. He is very creative, a character that has helped his entrepreneurial interest to expand in diverse ways from media to fashion to having created relationships with Coca –Cola, and Ford.


Ryan Seacrest believes in giving back to society by helping the youth to pursue their dreams through education and participating in entertainment programs. He is a hard worker and he is dedicated to everything he does.

Chamonix’s Subsidiary, Genucel Helps Women Work on Their Self-Esteem

Genucel by Chamonix is a non-profit organization that helps women and children with low self-esteem as a result of suffering abuse. They are helping Women Aware in all ways to fighting lowered self-esteem among women and children. Women Aware is a non-profit organization based in Middlesex, New Jersey. In the United States, New Jersey is one of the counties that experience high rates of domestic violence. Here, domestic violence occurs in almost every 7 minutes. This leads to women and children suffering both physical and emotional abuse at a higher rate than men. A more women-specific organization is needed to help the victims.



Therefore, women need a significant care for domestic violence. This is where Women Aware comes in handy, providing food, shelter and recovery programs for women from New Jersey and their families. The organization has been functional since 1981.


After experiencing any kind of abuse, one starts experiencing low self-esteem, self-worth and even self-harm, which can be physical and emotional. The best way to overcoming post-abuse symptoms is finding self-care methods that will help bring back one’s personal worth. Mental health professionals recommend different ways for best physical and emotional health after abuse. Among them includes self-affirmations such as reminding themselves that they are beautiful, loved and they can do it, be it in their career or life in general. Studies have shown that self-affirmations don’t work at first, but after continued affirmations, the victims start changing their outlook on themselves.


Sometimes, one can channel the negative energy in them into something creative like sports, arts or one’s hobbies. This can be one good self-care routine that will help fight physical and emotional trauma. Also, keeping the body healthy through personal hygiene and exercises can help increase the victim’s self-worth. These exercises include walking, mostly recommended by professionals because it eases the symptoms of chronic mental illness. Abuse survivors also need to refocus on their self through positive thinking. This gives them a mentality that their abusers have created an opportunity for them to re-create themselves, thus conquering the negative energy that would have affected them.


Genucel is now providing support to women by giving the Women Aware organization beauty bags which incorporates toiletries and Genucel products. These bags consist of anti-aging products, which reduce the appearance of wrinkles as a result of aging. Abuse has a lot of effects on one’s skin and age. Mental abuse causes sleeplessness and depression. This results in increased wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. The Genucel products help in fighting all these. They help erase physical reminders of their painful past experiences thus making women feel confident thus improving their self-esteem.


Together with Women Aware, Genucel are doing their best to make sure all women suffering from domestic abuse access the best care. Learn more about Genucel on LinkedIn.





Michael Nierenberg Believed in Helping People with Positive Experiences in Investing

Investing isn’t always easy and many people don’t understand how to make the best investments with the money they have. Michael Nierenberg is good at investing, though, and knows a lot about how to make a difference with the investments he makes. He feels confident in the skills he has and that’s what pushes him to do things the right way no matter what issues he runs into while investing. It’s his goal to keep pushing to make positive investment experiences and that’s why he shows people what he can do to help them through these opportunities. It’s also his goal to always let people know how they can make things easier on their own. Since he knows how the opportunities can change and what he can do to make that happen, he feels confident in his skills and in the way he makes things easier for people who need his help.


Michael Nierenberg believes in giving back and always helping people with the experiences they have. It’s also his way of doing things that makes it easier for him to focus on changing the industry. Even when he started working on different investments, he felt he could do more to help other people with them. Since he knew a lot about the right investments and how to balance the risk that came with some of them, he felt he was a great fit for the opportunities that came from the investment industry.


It wasn’t always easy for people to figure out what they could do, but Michael Nierenberg knew what he wanted to do to make a difference for some people. He fought to make things easier and that’s what gave him the option to help other people. It was also his way of creating a better industry so people could try different investments in the future. Thanks to the hard work Michael Nierenberg put into the business and the way he runs New Residential Investment Corporation, he feels he’s doing everything the right way. It helps him make things easier for people who need those opportunities in the future.


To know more click: here.

Organo Gold Produces High Quality Coffee Products

Apart from coming up with a product that can give you a high investment return, creating a good marketing plan and strategy and delivering your products to the clients could be the next big issue. You can sell the products to retailers or a well-established company in your industry. Nevertheless, you’ll encounter setbacks. But multilevel marketing enables you to reach out to your clients by building a network of distributors who earn incentives every time they sell your product. Perhaps that’s why Organo Gold uses this method of selling its products to different clients across the world.

The National Coffee Association was established in 1911. It marked the first launching of an organization that provides the coffee industry with information regarding trade associations. The membership of the organization entails small as well as mid-sized companies such as coffee growers, retailers, and importers and exporters.

It also accounts for about 85% of the coffee commerce industry. According to a research report released by this union, the global coffee production has doubled over the years. This implies that the sales have also increased with time making it one of the most consumed beverages in the world. With many coffee shops taking over the hospitality industry as well, coffee exhibits elasticity as well as durability in the world industry.

Even in harsh economic times, coffee continues to give huge returns. Organo Gold coffee has taken the chance to supply its coffee to consumers. It has also utilized its strategies to develop a marketing plan for its products.

Bernardo Chua, the head of network marketing at Organo Gold uses this marketing plan to supply his products to the consumers. He works closely with Shane Morand who is the co-founder of the company to establish a significant footprint of operation in the market. Chua uses effective policies to help the company to market its products.

For details: www.crunchbase.com/organization/organo-gold-enterprises

A Few Lessons From Dan Bethelmy-Rada, L’Oreal’s Global Brand President

Dan Bethelmy-Rada serves in the L’Oreal Professional Products Division as the global brand president. At only 40 years, he took over the position of the DMI General Manager in January 2015. Bethelmy-Rada has had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world. The Venezuelan born professional has lived in the United States for ten years, before moving to Paris at only 16 years. During his teen years, he participated in AFC-AFS study program that opened him up to a whole new world of cultures. During an interview with Ideasmensch, he revealed that he always wanted to work with an international brand. While studying in Paris, he found beauty and inspiration in every part of the city and therefore attributes these experiences to the path he would later follow at L’Oreal.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada says that he doesn’t have a typical day, mainly because he has many roles and each requires wearing a different hat. His work entails much of travelling and tons of meetings. He brings ideas into life in many ways, and one of them is through photography. He finds inspiration in both photos and exhibitions. Bethelmy-Rada finds inspiration in anything including people and places. In the world of business, he loves to interact with top influencers as it goes a long way in enhancing his creative process.

The one trend that excites him is the growing use of social media in marketing. Everyone has a habit to which he/she attaches his success. For Dan Bethelmy-Rada, it is being able to achieve a work-life balance. His family comes first and come what may; he does everything possible to be there for the family.

If he were to advise his younger self, Dan Bethelmy-Rada would remind himself that there is ample time to keep learning, grow, and most importantly, there is nothing like the right age or time for someone to live their dreams. His tenets of success include the following;

  1. Giving every project the best you can afford.
  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of prioritizing tasks and keeping strict schedules.

iii. It doesn’t hurt to push the limits. Always see beyond a single project.

  1. Never shy away from using the inspiration. However, if you have to copy something, do it faster and better.
  1. Always communicate. If possible, say something twice and let the recipient say it back.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada loves good apps. He and his team use seamless and minibar faithfully. If he were to create an app, he would develop a travel app that does everything. Think of an intelligent app capable of hiring someone to help you pack, understands your travel preference/activities, book a room and make restaurant reservations among many other things. His favourite read is ‘Tangled.