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OSI Group President David McDonald shares the reason behind their success

President of OSI Group David McDonald is one of the most revered and respected executives in the food industry. As President of one of the largest food providers, David Mcdonald has been a key component in the progression of OSI’s presence overseas. However, his end goal has always been that of the companies original goal of providing a high-quality product to the public. In a sit-down interview with David McDonald, we get to delve deeper into how he’s made OSI Group such a success in the past three decades that he’s been with the company.


How has the ability to have such a large workforce contributed to your success?


McDonald states that the ability to have such a large staff of employees is crucial in making sure that overseas partnerships are ultimately successful. The benefit of having these partnerships is that they are experts within their local areas and increase the success rate we have in that market. Read this article at foodbusinessnews.net to learn more.


What is the reason for the huge success OSI has had in China?


The success in the Chinese market comes from years of learning about the culture as well as being very patient in order to gain their trust, says David McDonald. Furthermore, remaining true to the principles of OSI Group allowed us to present to them high-quality goods that are now being enjoyed today across the country.


How does OSI Group motivate employees to be innovative?


David comments that OSI has nothing to do with the incredible innovation shown be their employees, in fact, it is the customers who motivate our teams to improve. This can be seen as a simple menu request by one of our clients but our team gets right to work to deliver an above and beyond product for them.


How do you maintain your high-standards?


David McDonald says that clients are like family for OSI Group, and if we wouldn’t serve our food to our family then it will certainly not be served to our customers.

Learn more: http://www.fooddrink-magazine.com/sections/producers/1308-osi-group


Organo Gold

Organo Gold is Canadian-based Company that was founded in 208 by Bernardo Chuo who is the current Chief Executive Officer of the company. Having learned part of the Chinese Culture, Bernardo penetrated the coffee market by making his coffee using the different nutrient known as Ganoderma which consists of Chinese mushroom.


He was therefore among the very first business people to market Ganoderma products beyond the Asian region successfully. Bernado’s co-founder is Shane Morand who has sold very many Ganoderma products in his career and helped with the marketing and positioning of Organo Gold.


Shane was also responsible for coming up with Organo’s sales trainee program as well as the compensation plan for the company’s sales team. His commitment and resilience have helped to make Organo Gold a favorite distributor of health and wellness products even in the vibrant North America region. At the moment, Organo Gold has a presence in over fifty countries in six continents, and this is a good step for the company.

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Organo Gold deals with wellness products especially their now favorite coffee alongside a variety of teas and body and skincare products. The company has also come up with immune boosters for both the young and old people and thus their famous Ganoderma mushroom powder which sells out quite fast. Organo Gold’s mission is to improve health and lifestyle for as many people as possible, as well as to make them energetic.


Organo Gold is also known for allowing any coffee connoisseurs from all over the world to be part of the company’s distribution and sales team. The company pays the sales team by salary plus commission to motivate the sales team to sell more. These distributors are also allowed to give free samples to potential clients, and they also offer after sales services for their clients.



Rebel Wilson

This Valentine’s Day, enjoy the new, self aware romantic comedy, Isn’t it Romantic, starring Rebel Wilson. Wilson is well known for her roles in Pitch Perfect and Bridesmaids.


The comedy features Wilson as Natalie, a female architect living in New York. She struggles to get noticed at her job, causing her to work extra hard. The role seems to parallel Rebel’s actual life. Following her big break in Pitch Perfect, she has poured her all into the roles she has done since. However, this female comedian did not have to try as hard as Natalie to win the hearts of America. Her sense of humor is very fresh in the media today.


One day when Natalie gets caught up in a subway mugging, things get very strange. Suddenly her trip to the “emergency room” turns into a beautiful suite, with flowers and quite the charming gentleman. Things only seem to get stranger from there. Her whole apartment changes into a luxurious suite filled with every shoe, dress, and gorgeous view a woman could imagine. Natalie can tell something has gone horribly wrong. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/isnt-it-romantic-trailer-rebel-wilson-stars-rom-spoof-1156788 and https://www.glamour.com/story/isnt-it-romantic-trailer


Her worst nightmares seem to be brought to life as she realizes that she is now trapped inside a romantic comedy, and she has been cast as the lead. Even worse, it is PG-13. Another way that Natalie seems to parallel Miss Wilson. Both are very outspoken ladies, which is a breathe of fresh air in media today. It is nice to see ladies who are more assertive in roles, and not just the support to the lead (though that is fine too).


Rebel Wilson has truly transformed in front of our eyes. She has shared stories of her earlier years in Australia. From being a shy and awkward teenager, much like many of us, to her transformation into an empowering teen feminist. Wilson has said how lucky she was to be in an all girls school that encouraged women to have careers and be go-getters.


She has continued this into her own work, as she encourages many young women to be who they want. It is clear in how she has opted in to a healthier lifestyle, without flaunting her weight loss. She does, however, remind us that a desert wouldn’t kill us. And what’s life without a few sweets, anyway? Also, she reminds us that being an independent woman is very acceptable, and a man isn’t needed to make us successful. Follow Rebel Wilson on Instagram


With such a good cast (having co-stars of Liam Hemsworth, Tom Ellis, and Priyanka Chopra) and a twist on such a classic Valentine’s story, Isn’t it Romantic is a must see! It will hit theaters, in the United States, on February 14, 2019.

Alastair Borthwick, Author and Radio Broadcaster

Alastair Borthwick was born in Rutherglen, Lanarkshire. He relocated to Glasgow, Scotland, when he was 11. Borthwick left high school at 16 in order to work as a writer at a news outlet called the Evening Times. He then began working for the Glasgow Weekly Herald. Borthwick wrote many of the pieces for the newspaper, as well as answered readers queries. A large portion of the newspaper’s writings were done by him.


Alastair Borthwick began rock climbing and decide to write about his experience in the 1930s. His writings were subsequently published by Faber and Faber. His writings included humor and memorable characters in order to keep his reader’s attention. The novels he wrote spoke about the stress that come with city living. The book was able to make light of the stressful problems that come with city life. Borthwick writings always included an element of humor in order to lighten the mood of the book while still delivering a powerful message to the reader.


Alastair Borthwick had dreams of working and writing in London. He began working with the Daily Mirror during 1935. After a year of working at the Daily Mirror, Borthwick decided it was time to change gears. Following the Daily Mirror, he was involved with the press club at the Empire Exhibition. Following this, he decided to join efforts with BBC. During his time at BBC, he worked in radio broadcasting in order educate the listeners of the radio show. Alastair Borthwick was not only a talented writer, but also a talented radio host. He excelled at public speaking and had a talent for engaging his listeners through his use of words. He was also able to write a clear and organized script.


BBC offered Alastair Borthwick a contract for his writings regarding the condition of Scotland following the war. The series lasted a total of three years. He also wrote for the “News Chronicle”. Grampian TV offered him a position in the 1960s for his writings and presentation of television programming.


(Find more about his publications at https://www.amazon.com/Alastair-Borthwick/e/B001KDDV8E/ref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share)

Behind The Acquisition Of Fortress Investment Group By Softbank

Fortress Investment Group is a highly diversified and the leading global investment manager. The institution manages up to $42.1 billion of assets on behalf of more than 1,750 institutional clients including private investors.

The company uses its specialized expertise and broad experience across various investment strategies such as credit, liquid markets, traditional asset management, and private equity. The cornerstone of the company is investment performance, and they are determined to obtain strong risk-adjusted returns that will benefit the investors.

In 2007, SoftBank a multinational internet and telecommunications corporation announced its move to acquire Fortress Investment Group for $3.3 billion. This move by SoftBank was aimed at making itself become one of the largest investment firms in the world market. The agreement is considered complete when all the conditions have been satisfied including the closing of the transaction, approval of the transaction, and receipt of the regulatory approvals.

The agreement between the two companies provided that the outstanding Class A shares of Fortress Investment Group should be converted to the right to receive $8.08 per share in cash. The merger is expected to be distributed according to the payment procedure stated in the agreement. In addition, Fortress Investment Group stopped trading its stock and it was removed from the Stock Exchange market. The financial results of Fortress Investment were consolidated and reflected on SBG.

According to the agreement, Fortress Investment Group will be operating under SoftBank acting as an independent business with its headquarters in New York. The principals of Fortress such as Wes Edens, Randy Nardone, and Pete Briger will continue to lead the company. The excellent track record of Fortress speaks for itself, and SoftBank wants to benefit from its leadership who have world-class investment platform, and broad-based expertise.

FIG saw the acquisition as an opportunity to join one on the innovative investors in the world and enter global markets. SoftBank is has maintained the brand, business model, personnel, leadership, culture, and processes of FIG that have helped the company success in the industry to date.

Learn more about Fortress Investment Group: https://www.wsj.com/articles/wesley-edens-is-an-investor-with-an-affinity-for-the-underdog-1532111122

Learn How Ryan Seacrest Manages A Busy Professional Career

Ryan Seacrest is a distinguished professional that manages a multi television role. He has been able to utilize his mentorship from the late Dick Clark that included advice on how to manage his television role. Seacrest understands how being on television requires you to always look and feel up to par. Your audience must never know you’re having a bad day. Today, Seacrest lives to work, nurture his long-term relationship, enjoy his favorite glass of wine, and exercise between television breaks. He is also the founder of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation that’s centered around at-risk youth. His organization provides food, clothing, and education assistance to thousands of struggling youth.

Seacrest is responsible for an amazing casual men’s suit collection. The suit collection has presented a casual suit treasure for men. His suit collection is available at select department stores and online. Seacrest has been able to create a suit that allows men to work comfortably in a casual environment. His suit allows them to look the part. Men love the design of his jacket because it’s very comfortable. Seacrest is also creating a relaxed exercise suit that will enable his users to relax while they work out.

Ryan Seacrest can be seen co-hosting on the E! hit television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The long standing show features the popular reality television star Kim Kardashian West. She has been the main reason millions of viewers tune in to the hit show each week. Seacrest is also an executive producer of the KUWTK show. The famous America Idol program is responsible for featuring upcoming musical talent each week. The show has been apart of prime time television for over 8 years. Seacrest works alongside Simon Cowell. Together, they’ve been able to create several A-list musical artist including Kelly Clarkson.

There has been several people that have also been able to tune in to the Live With Ryan radio podcast. The popular show has been able to accumulate over 20,000 listeners each day. He introduces current A-list celebrities on his radio program including artists from all genres. Go to the official Ryan Seacrest Wikipedia page to learn more about his professional career today.

“Marc Beer Launching a New Product For Pelvic Floor Disorders “

A large number of women in the world face health problems especially their reproductive health. Research shows 250 million women in the world suffer from pelvic floor disorders and urinary incontinence. These conditions compromise the health of the women who are very important individuals in the contribution of the world’s economy. Renovia Inc., a Boston based company manufactures pharmaceuticals and therapeutic products which help in the treatment of the pelvic floor disorders and urinary incontinence.


The founder of the company is Mr. Marc Beer who founded the company in the year 2015. Marc has over 25 years experience in commercializing and developing the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Renovia Inc. is a renowned pharmaceutical company in the United States and has produced one product from the management of the conditions known as Leva. The product was approved by FDA, this shows that the company’s products are recommendable one for use. Prior to founding the company marc beer used to be the chief executive officer at Aegerion pharmaceutical.


Marc Beer is an alumnus of Miami University in Ohio and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is a reputable professional who has worked with many companies and his work was an excellent one. Marc has served as the vice president of Viacell Inc. as well as the company’s chief executive officer. He has also worked with Sanofi Pharmaceutical companies as the vice president of global marketing. Marc was also the senior manager and vice president of Genzyme Corporation. He has also worked with Biostar as sales and marketing president.


Marc Beer was a consultant and a board member of Private Life Companies between 2007 and 2010. He was also an administrative and strategic consultant at OVAS (Ova Science) Company. He has served as the chairman of Cytopherx and Good Start Genetic companies.


Last year Marc Beer launched their series B project of manufacturing new products for treating pelvic floor disorders. They also improved the initial product, Leva and introduced four new pharmaceutical and diagnostic drugs for the disorders. The project cost was $42 million and they received support from other investment companies to make it a successful project. The company also created a digital health platform which will help clients be informed about new treatment options and get a better understanding of the pelvic floor disorders. This project will definitely help a lot of women worldwide. Learn more: https://www1.salary.com/Marc-Beer-Salary-Bonus-Stock-Options-for-AEGERION-PHARMACEUTICALS-INC.html


NexBank – Where You Should Bank Your Money

NexBank, founded in 1922, is a banking and financial products service provider. Known initially as Heritage Bank, SSB it altered its name in August 2005. The bank has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas and is a subsidiary of NexBank Capital Inc. It offers commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional banking. NexBank’s executive management team is a mix of industry professionals led by Chairman James Dondero. As of September 30, 2018, the bank had assets worth $8.1 billion. Among the personal banking services it provides are personal checking, mortgages, savings accounts, internet banking, treasury management, commercial lending services and so much more. For institutions, NexBank offers corporate banking and lending, mergers and acquisitions, advisory services to corporates, investment banking, and other relating institutional services according to demand.


NexBank’s vision is to deliver extraordinary value for their clientele at every chance. With a pool of professionals, they provide their customers customized solutions via a sophisticated methodology that has a proven record of accomplishment. These efforts are realizable in the bank’s offering to the market in commercial banking, mortgage banking, institutional services, and depository services. NexBank possesses a wide range of lending products and deposit services; these can allow a customer to meet their long-term and short-term obligations whether they are a large corporation, SME or even a primary investor. The bank aids its clients in efficient management of cash flow for proper liquidity. They do this by giving them financial solutions that cater to their operational needs and support their development. When it comes to mortgage, NexBank provides attractive pricing either for wholesale or correspondent channels. This is possible through their lucrative partnership with their client to ascertain that they meet their mortgage needs via great flexibility.


NexBank collaborates with institutions to figure out the best strategy for meeting their unique needs. This is in line with the institution’s short and long-term capital needs. With an efficient depository system, the bank allows their clients to manage their daily cash flow needs easily. NexBank is the further-largest bank in Dallas Texas and comes tenth in Texas. It is a bank of choice for very many people with their mortgage lending reaching a high of $2 billion in the first half of 2018. NexBank is active is active in the community and has provided accommodation for 2200 Texas veterans via consumer loans. Middle-income earners have also benefited from the bank’s efficient mortgage program by accessing its housing loans. This has helped up to 900 families in Texas. The bank is an excellent supporter of financial literacy and has sponsored courses in 12 public schools in Dallas County.


Recently, NexBank was recognized for its exceptional role in improving the financial capability of Americans via digital learning initiatives. The bank received the 2018 Financial Capability Award offered by EVERFRI Inc. – the nation’s leading technology innovator. Other than this, the bank has also been honored as the Best Performing U.S Bank for the first quarter of 2018. This is for the banks that have assets between $1 and $10 billion.

Edwin Miranda In Leading Positions In Biopharmaceutical Industry

One of the key players in the biological safety testing market, Cytovance Biologics made impressive changes to its team by hiring a well-experienced and grounded Vice President of Quality, Edwin Miranda. He graduated from the Angelo State University in 1980 with a degree of Bachelor in Sciences in Biology and Chemistry.

Edwin Miranda has more than a few experiences rolled up his sleeve. As the Supervisor of Biological and Environmental Laboratories at Abbot Healthcare in 1985, which marked the beginning of his career in leading positions later at various other renowned companies. Before being hired as the Vice President of Quality at Cytovance Biologics. He was responsible for supervising the Quality Assurance team of the New Drug Application (NDA) at Kepra, which was successfully launched into the market after its approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). At URL Pharma Inc. he was the Director of Quality Assurance in 2005 and Vice President of Quality in 2008, his job specifications required him to oversee the pharmaceutical solid oral dose manufacturing operation and strategic supervision of the Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Compliance programs.

In 2014, he was the Director of Quality at Legacy Pharmaceutical Packaging where he supervised the quality and compliance for the pharmaceutical re-packager. In 2015, he was the Director of Quality for Primal Critical Care and the responsibility for Quality and Compliance for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices manufacturing company was on his shoulders. Over the years, Edwin Miranda’s roles at every company were managing the quality systems, overseeing the compliance functions. He even developed an interesting remediation plan to correct 483 observations which inevitably resulted in the receipt of an Establishment Inspection Report (EIR) in a good way.

In the eyes of the Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Cytovance Biologics, Edwin Miranda is an invaluable asset to the company. Cytovance Biologics is a biopharmaceutical contract manufacturer of micro and mammalian biologics.

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Madison Street Capital Shows Growth

Hiring an investment manager is an excellent decision for people who want to reach various financial goals. In some cases, working with a financial planner can help people pay down debt or increase their net worth.


However, choosing a financial planning company to work with can be difficult. There are thousands of options available. Madison Street Capital is a hedge fund that has provided a superior investment return to clients in recent years. The company focuses on helping individuals reach various financial goals. Unlike most hedge funds, Madison Street Capital does not sell expensive investment products to clients.



Early Days



When Madison Street Capital was founded, few people thought it would be as successful as it is today. The company is located in Chicago, but it serves clients all over the United States.


In 2008, the economy was in the midst of the worst recession in decades. Few people were investing anything in the stock market. During the downturn, Madison Street Capital struggled to survive financially. Once the economy improved, business increased drastically for the company.






One of the most common financial issues facing Americans is too much debt. Since the last recession, consumer debt levels have risen drastically. The people who work at Madison Street Capital recommend that clients pay down consumer debt as fast as possible. Once customers are in a strong financial position, a financial advisor may recommend some investment options.






Madison Street Capital is known for purchasing smaller companies in the industry. The company recently completed another acquisition that will increase sales and profits at Madison Street Capital.



Future Plans



The Madison Street Capital reputation is one of the best in the industry. Looking at online reviews, it is clear that clients enjoy working with this hedge fund. Many industry experts anticipate that Madison Street Capital will continue growing in the coming years.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.