Doe Deere: The Unicorn Queen Creates Makeup Magic!

The bright and bubbly world of Lime Crime makeup lures people in with bold colors and luscious looks. Looking beyond the mundane makeup sets of your average department store, Doe Deere has changed the expectations and creations of the painted face. Her makeup line shocks and awes the consumer, bringing to light a vibrant and youthful customer who is not afraid to be herself in all the colors of the rainbow! If you haven’t heard about Lime Crime yet, it is time to jump aboard this unicorn and ride the magical wave that is Doe Deere’s world of incredible makeup.

Doe Deere calls her vibrant and intimidating makeup line “statement makeup” and boy is it ever! With high impact colors that pop from the first application, you can go from Plain Jane to Harajuku Girl with the touch of a brush. According to the Lime Crime website, their product is “for modern day Marie Antoinettes”. This makeup is not what you would expect to see at the office, but rather a fantastic look for street fashion, bold beauties, and the runway. Only available for purchase online, this isn’t some cheap brand you’ll find at a CVS. This is a unique recipe for beauty that should be purchased straight from the Unicorn Queen herself.

So who is this Unicorn Queen,and Lime Crime CEO, Doe Deere? She is a magical creature with a love for face painting and an imagination to change our reality! What began as an experiment to improve her personal makeup collection because a makeup brand unique unto itself. While her line of makeup may seems out of this world, Doe is actually quite relateable and transparent. She even has her very own blog, Instagram, and Twitter to connect with her fans and consumers on a personal level. Doe Deere was born in Russia and grew up in the heart of American fashion in New York City. While she currently live in Los Angeles, you can see the vast cultural influence of her personal history in all of her designs and looks.

Since Ms. Deere has lived across the world, she understands the importance of making her makeup accessible to everyone, not just her domestic following. She now offers product shipping to Australia and New Zealand for no extra cost, a feature international fans must be excited to hear. This is definitely a product that is desired across the pond and beyond, and Lime Crime seems up for the challenge of getting it to everyone!

As the brand grows and evolves, Doe Deere is paying close attention to where the world of fashion is headed and making sure to be two or three unicorn leaps ahead. She is currently beginning to release, color by color, her new #Venus2 line of makeup for her die hard fans to swoon over. Already, her new shade “Cornflower”–which was revealed on Instagram not 24 hours ago–has almost 5000 Likes and comments begging to be the first to purchase.


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