Levenson donates to Philanthropic center

Bruce and Karen Levenson have given $5.6 million to a center at the University of Maryland that teaches students how to manage philanthropic and non profit type operations. The Center for Philathropy and Non Profit Leadership has since become one of the top centers for this type of study, according to a story in PR Newswire. The center teaches the subject matter, but is also involved in helping. Several classes each semester give $10,000 to a non profit organization to help it in its work. The Levenson’s donations also helped build a dorm for freshmen taking classes at the center. They also recently sent 12 students to India to work on projects involved with the disabled, wildlife preservation and youth. Bruce Levenson according to ESPN is an NBA owner, business man and philanthropist. He has started several businesses and a founding donor to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. His team is the Atlanta Hawks and he sits on the NBA’s board of governors. Karen Levenson is a teacher and tutor and worked in Washington. She has joined with Bruce in many of his activities, and has some of her own. The Levensons are also part of a program called “Bringing the Lessons Home,” that teaches under served youth about the Holocaust and trains them to be tour guides at the museum. “And, at the same time, we are using the Center in a multi-pronged effort to ensure that every student attending the University of Maryland graduates as an informed and motivated philanthropist,” Bruce Levenson said.

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