Brazilian Investor Igor Cornelsen Believes China’s Intervention Is Bolstering Brazil’s Currency

Igor Cornelsen on ireport.cnn is a well-known Brazilian investor. Cornelsen held several key bank executive positions when he was working full-time in Brazil’s financial industry. Cornelsen was around when President de Silva changed the regulations that allowed banks to extend more credit to Brazil’s new middle-class, so he is very familiar with how the government in Brazil operates. Igor is also familiar with the Brazilian Stock market and how brutal it has been to investors over the last two years.

Igor Cornelsen doesn’t live in Brazil anymore. He moved to South Florida and opened the investment firm, Bainbridge Investments Inc. Bainbridge Investments Inc. focuses on Brazilian investments. Igor likes to help investors that don’t understand the differences that exist between the U.S. Stock Market and the Ibovespa market in Brazil.

Some of the foreign investors that had millions invested in Brazilian stocks are gone now. The recession and the “Junk” credit rating gave those investors panic attacks, and they fled to other markets. But Igor Cornelsen is quick to remind those investors that most stock markets are suffering thanks, in part, to China’s attempt to switch to a consumer based economy.

Even the stock market has shown signs of life recently because the central bank in China decided to impose reserve requirements on their currency. That move will help Brazil’s export business, according to Cornelsen.

Feelings for China are changing in Brazil, according to Cornelsen. Mr. Igor Cornelsen on brandyourself believes the stock market will make a strong recovery if China’s government continues to pump money into their difficult financial situation. Igor believes the Chinese government doesn’t have a choice if they want their stock market to recover. When the Chinese market recovers, so will the Brazilian market, according to some economists, and Cornelsen agrees.

But there is always a chance that other world issues will influence Brazil’s chance of recovering in 2016, according to Brazilian government officials. But the main issue that Igor Cornelsen wants resolved is the government unrest that is tearing the country apart.

But that doesn’t mean investors can’t get a decent return in the Ibovespa market. Igor Cornelsen advice is to stay with proven stocks that produce returns on a consistent basis. Igor has a list of those stocks. Bainbridge investors know he is pointing them in the right direction in spite of the negative press and issues that are plaguing Brazil’s recovery.

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    There is some good news coming out of Latin America’s largest economy, however. The credit goes to China. The Real, Brazil’s currency, is rebounding. This ofcourse has something to do about the best tools for students that should be used effectively. Until there are some changes in the government’s approach to recessionary issues as well as fixing the credibility that was damaged from government discretions, the stock market will continue to struggle.

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