Some Fashion Rules that are Made to be Broken

Fashion and beauty rules, it seems, are made to be broken. No sooner have a few attained canonic status than someone comes along and tells us that we should ignore them all, and make fashion selections on our own terms. In a recent article for, Marlen Komar catalogues seven of these established rules that we’d all be better off breaking ( Komar’s authority is none other than fashion and makeup pundit Doe Deere, the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics.
According to Doe Deere, the bottom line is how we ourselves feel about making a fashion or makeup choice. It doesn’t really matter if we ignore the engraved-in-stone regulations, as long as we feel good about our selections. Take issues of color choice in makeup selection, for example. According to the established rule, we shouldn’t highlight our eyes at the same time as our lips; one or the other, but not both. Well, says Doe, that just doesn’t make sense. If bold eye makeup with bright lip color makes you feel great, that’s reason enough to go with this choice.
It’s the same with those old tiresome no-no’s about other color choices. Any number of authorities insist that brightly-colored “unnatural” hair should be worn only with neutral shades. That’s silly, Doe insists. And she goes on to maintain that those dictates against mixing too many colors and patterns just shouldn’t be given much credence either. Again, it’s a matter of what you feel good about.
What about the long-established concept of decorum in fashion choices, the idea that there’s a right time and place for each garment? You wouldn’t wear a ball gown to the supermarket, or bobby socks with stiletto heels, would you? And what about decorous age choices? Aren’t some fashions off limits to women “d’un certain age”? Wrong again, Doe maintains. The same dictum applies: if it makes you happy, it’s your inherent right to wear whatever you choose.
Doe Deere’s fashion philosophy has been several years in the making. When she started her makeup line, Lime Crime Cosmetics, in 2008, she was getting in at the ground floor of e-commerce; she has continued to grow her business ever since. The secret? Being true to herself, and encouraging her customers to trust their instincts. Fun is a big part of the Lime Crime brand, along with no-holds-barred experimentation with all colors under the sun. The company’s title says it all: Lime is her favorite color, and Crime….well, she does insist on breaking the rules! She refers to her fans as unicorns, valuing them deeply for their boldness in being different and their willingness to put their trust in themselves.
Doe Deere takes herself seriously as a mentor for women entering the world of e-commerce, volunteering her time and expertise to encourage and foster others. She recently appeared on the cover of Self-Made magazine as one of its Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs (Fall/Winter 2010 issue).

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    As a young woman who started small, worked her way to the top, but continues to keep that personal and individual bent even as CEO of a major cosmetics firm, Doe Deere is a person with a lot to say. That is why it’s necessary to buy an essay and talk more more about this all the time too.

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