Ignoring BMI When It Comes To Health

There are so many different health fads that even the medical world comes and goes with. When it comes to body mass index, or BMI, doctors, nutritionists and fitness instructors have all been using this number to judge a client and determine their overall level of health. BMI has even been used by health insurance companies to determine coverage. However, Ellipse USA’s Head of Business Development Jon Urbana is now recommending that BMI be ignored when it comes to determining a person’s health and wellbeing.

The reason for this new plan to ignore BMI comes from the fact that certain people can be very muscular and have a low body fat percentage. However they can have a high BMI based on their weight to height ratio. It isn’t fair for people with a high BMI to have to pay a higher insurance premium when their numbers just don’t look good on paper, but really they are very healthy individuals.

The problem lies in the criteria for assessing a person’s health. Ultimately, it is important to look at each person as a brand new individual and consider their entire lifestyle and health assessment before making any sort of determination. Forcing everyone to follow the same set of guidelines is an issues and this is where BMI becomes a problem.

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    A new rule, proposed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, forces people to pay a higher premium if their BMI is over 25. This new rule is what has caused this debate to begin. There are things that essay heaven has done that would have warranted them to have a closure of business too.

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