Monthly Archives: March 2016

Skout Gets a Lot of Positive Feedback

People are checking out the Skout app and they are getting familiar with the new travel feature that is available through this app. All of the talk about how they can travel to virtual cities in 24 hours is getting even more people to sign up for this app. That is what the app developers [Continue]

Examining Dick DeVoses Role in Charity for Education

  It is widely presumed that wealthy dynasties have no interest in educational matters. The DeVos family of West Michigan is going towards this perception by funding projects aimed at improving various educational services. The patriarch Richard DeVos instilled this and it has been taken up by the rest of the family. Together with his [Continue]

Bernardo Chua Makes Coffee Gold

It seems virtually impossible to go about your morning rituals without incorporating a cup of coffee somewhere between waking up and heading off to work. For some, the day that follows can come with a couple more cups of most important of beverages in order to get by. This is echoed by the massive coffee [Continue]

FreedomPop popping into the cellphone scene

FreedomPop is must have for any one who regularly travels over seas while staying within a budget. They specialize in free and low cost cellphone services that allow those who travel internationally to continue to use there cellphones without having to worry about the insanely high charges that traditional cellphone carriers charge overseas. Similar to [Continue]