FreedomPop popping into the cellphone scene

FreedomPop is must have for any one who regularly travels over seas while staying within a budget. They specialize in free and low cost cellphone services that allow those who travel internationally to continue to use there cellphones without having to worry about the insanely high charges that traditional cellphone carriers charge overseas. Similar to T-Mobile’s free roaming, FreedomPop doesn’t slow down service speeds over seas. Cellphones using data through FreedomPop will work as well overseas as they do at home. These near-local rates are available due to the fact that FreedomPop has been working overseas to make deals with local cellphone services in twenty five countries in order to help them bring the best rates possible to their customers.

Currently FreedomPop sales expanded from the US and UK into twenty three more countries on March 2, 2016 and is looking to expand and begin selling a mobile hot spot that can be used in many places for only $49. As the company expands it is experiencing growing pains both in terms of customer support, it is improving.

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    SIM cards for unlocked phones will cost $10 and come with 200 MB of data every month with an additional 500MB available for $5. This is one of the most affordable rates available on any international carrier. There are still some things makes the best when it comes to this type of job.

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