Political Donation King Soros Returns

There’s no doubt that the political scene gets pumped up every three to four years as the next presidential race gets into gear. Campaigns begin. Presidential hopefuls step forward to start raising money to run their expensive campaign. Primaries begin and the field of hopefuls continues to narrow until it is one on one.
As the 2016 finale gets into gear, fundraising has become a large part of the debate. Trump prides that he is self-funding his piece of the pie. Clinton has an advantage over her opponents – starting 2016 with $36 million to use as the race quickens in pace. Luckily for Clinton, she has George Soros on her side.

Soros is a well known¬†Forbes billionaire and a financial figure. He’s also known for large political donations. Coming from communist Hungary in 1947, it’s no surprise he’d be willing to write big checks for American presidential hopefuls. His latest big check consisted on $6 million to Priorities USA Action. This Political Action Committee (or PAC) supports presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. While this large check came at the end of 2015, he had donated another $1 million in the beginning of 2015.

Soros has had an odd history with donating to presidential hopefuls. In 2004, he supported then-President George W. Bush. This support led him to write checks that added up to more than $20 million to support him. When that cause failed – and therefore had been a waste of his money – he scaled back how much he donated by quite a bit.

In 2012, his spending consisted of only $1 million to Priorities USA Action. The PAC supported current President Obama. While this effort succeeded, he found himself regretting the decision to support Obama over Clinton.

No matter what, Soros has quite the influence on those around him. From graduation at the London School of Economics, to surviving Nazi occupied Budapest as a boy, and everything in between, his influence will continue to help shape various political and financial outcomes.

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