Bernardo Chua Makes Coffee Gold

It seems virtually impossible to go about your morning rituals without incorporating a cup of coffee somewhere between waking up and heading off to work. For some, the day that follows can come with a couple more cups of most important of beverages in order to get by. This is echoed by the massive coffee chains that span the globe, moving into once coveted spaces like Italy and France, providing new ways for people to get and enjoy their coffee. And with so many people spending so much on a single commodity, it’s no surprise that many distributors would try to redesign this bestselling formula to offer buyers more of what they want. In the case of Bernardo Chua’s Organo Coffee, it means offering something a little healthier.

Healthier coffee has always had a place in the market, as do health foodstuffs and products in general. Offering health benefits through everyday products like coffee both encourages existing customers to try something new and invite new customers to take advantage of all they have to offer. Chua’s Organo understands this circumstance, but unlike the competition they’ve provided health benefits through their products before.

Organo has been known to many through their teas, which are blended largely on Chinese recipes, thousands of years old, with natural ingredients. One of those ingredients, Ganoderma, is used in many of their products. According to clinical nutritionists, Ganoderma provides alkalizing benefits to its drinkers, and improves their lung capacity, assists in detoxification, reduces inflammation throughout the body and strengthens the immune system.

Holistic teas have long been a credit to Organo’s international appeal and success. Bernardo announced on Twitter that this understanding of the market interested in healthy beverage options and how to blend preference with the natural ingredients that make them beneficial to health in the first place, puts Organo in an advantageous position to make a healthier coffee.

Bernardo Chua, a native son of the Philippines, founded Organo Gold in 2008, collecting several other companies into one. Through his company, Chua has taken his personal interest in holistic remedies and shared them with an international customer base who know Organo’s products through hundreds of distributors.

In 2015, Organo Gold changed its name to simply Organo, a rebranding effort to streamline their appeal to more customers.  Check out Bernardo on his Facebook as the brand evolves and changes.

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    But providing health benefits doesn’t outweigh the desires of their consumers, and Organo has recognized that, making blends like mocha and chocolate flavored coffee that still manages to be a healthy option. In is important that do observe what is involved in the process.

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