FreedomPop Aims To Make Mobile Affordable and Uncomplicated

The mobile market is a large market in which many companies compete for the air waves within the United States. Verizon Wireless, one of the larger providers, was fined by the FCC for $1.4 million after a cookie with users metadata was found according to an article on RCRwireless.

Verizon has since announced they would allow users to opt out of the program, and thus disable the cookie tracking feature.

T-Mobile is also receiving extra attention after receiving $2 billion in financing. T-Mobile hopes to participate in the 600 MHz auction later in the month.

While major companies represent a large portion of the mobile market, smaller companies like FreedomPop hope to change how people view mobile providers. FreedomPop offers premium features at a much smaller price than the competition, including a free option.

FreedomPop runs its’ service through the Sprint network. Within the past year FreedomPop has been able to find venture capitals (VC) eager to fund the project, with tens of millions of dollars in the past year alone. This has helped FreedomPop expand domestically, and is setting them up to expand internationally in the future.

FreedomPop hopes to make its way into the mobile market by offering some of the best plans, with no contract requirement. Couple the low cost plans and no contract with the ability to bring one’s own phone has set FreedomPop in a very good position.


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  • by Melody Watts This is post author

    While some believed FreedomPop would be acquired, the VC funding gave them the ability to stay independent. The metadata allowed Verizon and third parties access to user’s web browsing hobbits and allowed for targeted ads. It is very possible that could have gotten more than most people has stated it.

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