3 Complaints That Made White Shark Media a Better Company


White Shark Media is considered one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the world. But the truth is it wasn’t always that way.

While building their business from the ground up, the team at White Shark Media made a ton of mistakes. The good news is they didn’t let those mistakes define them. Instead they used them to grow their business and turn into one of the best in the industry.

To help other digital marketing agencies avoid some of the same mistakes they made, White Shark Media has shared some common complaints they have received over the last few years and what they did to ensure the same issues don’t arise again.

Here are 3 complaints that helped make White Shark Media the company it is today.

Complaint #1 – Clients Were Unable To Easily Access Their AdWords Campaigns

For the team at White Shark Media this complaint hit close to home as it showed them their reporting system was not adequate enough.

At the time, clients were unable to easily access reports for their campaigns. To prevent this from happening again all White Shark Media clients are now shown how to look up reports as soon as they sign up.

By showing clients the steps needed to view reports in advance they will know what to do when they are ready to view performance.

Complaint #2 – New Campaigns Aren’t Performing As Well As Old Campaigns

As a digital marketing agency this just may be the biggest punch in the face a client could ever give you. If you don’t deliver results clients will eventually take their business somewhere else.

To ensure the success of every client, White Shark Media did two very important things. First they started using the successful aspects of any existing campaigns.


Complaint #3 – Campaigns Are Created On The White Shark Media Account

Most clients didn’t like the fact all campaigns were being created under the White Shark Media account. To address this issues White Shark Media implemented a new procedure starting in 2012.

The company set up a new Adwrods account which allowed them to start from scratch when developing a new campaign. They also offer clients the opportunity to continue working under their own account if they already have a successful campaign running.

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    This made it easy for the team to produce better performing campaigns. The second thing they did was ensure every SEM strategist was teamed up with an experienced supervisor to help them oversee all campaigns. It is also important to hire a resume writer and make sure it gets what it needs for all to understand.

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