George Soros’ Opinion on the Migrant Crisis

George Soros is a well known name for anyone who follows politics, donations, finances, or a mix of the three. Anyone who was alive in 1992 and in finances will remember the name Forbes billionaire George Soros for what he did that year: he broke the British banking system by betting against the pound and making $1 billion. Anyone following the donation patterns for the 2016 presidential election will know him as the man that donated $8 million to a political action committee that supports Hillary Clinton.
Now, George Soros is speaking up on Bloomberg TV of another issue. Anyone who follows the news will know that Syria isn’t doing too hot right now. The country is war-torn and many are now migrating out of the country. However, the European Union isn’t doing enough to help these migrants, according to George Soros.

He has come up with six things the EU could do to help the migrants. All of them are important, but there are three that are key and essential to making sure the migrants are taken care of as the situation in Syria worsens.

The first thing he suggest doing is getting everyone involved in the process. The EU simply cannot do it alone. There are too many variables when the EU plays by their rules. There are too many people being too stingy with their money. If churches and other fundraising groups started to raise money for these migrants, there would be less of a shortage of funds for them.

The second thing he suggested the EU do is streamline their process. As of when Soros gave these six suggestions to Market Watch, there were 28 different processes a migrant could go through. Each process belongs to a different country that is, in turn, part of the European Union.

There are simply too many variants in this equation. Each process will give a different result for each migrant. Some may say they qualify for asylum, but others may say they don’t. Each process has their own way of handling how they turn away those that don’t qualify for asylum under their guidelines.

As the process becomes streamlined, Soros of the Open Society suggests, the results for migrants and how they are turned away if they don’t qualify will become universal in the European Union. Processing will become quicker, and no matter where the migrants go the answer will be the same for every migrant.

However, one of the best suggestions he gave was to support the migrants. He suggested that the EU gives each migrant $16,800 for the first two years. This would support housing and education while they look for a job. If this happened, these migrants would be able to make their life better. After all, isn’t that why they’re leaving Syria to begin with?

The other three suggestions were to the EU take in a million refugees a year, to support those already in Turkey, and to make sure that migrants had a better chance of reaching Europe. Soros sure knows what he’s talking about.

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