High Hopes on Suburban workhorse as it Re-enters New York

Dave Liniger is remembered for coming up with the RE/MAX which he transformed from a locally based shop into one of the top global places and currently has now set his eyes on the New York City. The firm recently announced that it had bought back the Master firms for the New York City apartments for sale.

The main goal of Liniger in New York will be to ensure the local brokerages are powered up and expanded across the entire state. This is part of the first countrywide plan which has seen it purchase back a total of 16 regional offices from their franchise owners.

Dave has also managed to tap on the firms’ veteran Terri Bohannon who will head the new specialist group which will be tasked with branding and fresh marketing movement to make sure the New York operation develops.

Dave is optimistic the new team will perform well. He revealed that the New Jersey area has registered a phenomenal success where they currently have over 20 % stake in the market. New England and Pennsylvania too has almost similar figures.

RE/MAX is made up of more than 100,000 agents across the United States and in over 100 nations across the globe. The firm was started back in 1970’s by Dave before it expanded by selling of its network offices. The firm has however never managed to grow in Manhattan just like the other franchises before it. Dave made it public that the sales individuals who were working in the top metro cities such as Atlanta, New York and Chicago were different when compared to the sales individuals working in the rural and suburbs areas.

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