Thor Halvorssen Drops Bomb Of Truth On Fox News Anchor

The slogan over at Fox News is that it’s fair and balanced. The Bill O’Reilly show even touts itself as the no spin zone. But any reasonable person can watch Fox News programming and understand where they are coming from — the right side of politics. The conservative news network often skews information in a conservative manner, attacking liberals and defending Republicans. Now, you might be a fan of Fox News and Republican yourself, but this latest interview with the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, is pretty funny.


Fox News does its usual thing — using the “news” to bash a liberal. But this time they took it a step further by inviting world-famous human rights activist Thor Halvorssen in for an interview. They obviously intended to use the man’s good name as a reputable source to attack Bernie Sanders. Little did they know, Thor Halvorssen is a Bernie Sanders fan.


The conservative news organization intended to use the interview to attack socialism, which is a bit misguided in the first place because Bernie Sanders is a democratic socialist, which is different. They show Bernie Sanders in the beginning of the interview as the hostess states that Bernie Sanders wants America to become a socialist country and that his views are so far to the left that even Democrats are attacking him. Then the news anchor state something obscene — socialism is a violation of basic human rights. She then turns to Thor Halvorssen to corroborate this untrue statement.


At this point it’s clear that the interviewee and interviewer are talking about two different things. As the hostess tries to command control of the interview back from Thor Halvorssen, he does not let it spiral out of control. With frustration boiling over, he expresses his support for Bernie Sanders on live television. With great irony, the ended up helping Bernie Sanders with this viral video.
Venezuelan-born Halverssen founded the Human Rights foundation to combat the abuses of governments that do not respect human rights around the world. He has also criticized the government of the United States for keeping the Guantanamo Bay Prison camp open, despite the promises of the Obama administration to close the controversial facility.

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