Famous YouTuber Wengie Has Earned Fame Through Her Passion

Since first launching in 2005, YouTube has expanded into the largest video sharing website worldwide. There are millions of people uploading video to YouTube each day, ranging from news, gossip, DIY projects, comedy, and almost anything else that can be thought of. There are many YouTubers who have ended up famous from uploading videos. Both from viral videos and unique content. One such famous YouTuber is Wengie, who has the largest beauty page in Australia.


Wengie is a Chinese Australian that currently has one of the top rated YouTube channels in Australia. She creates content for YouTube that is mostly about lifestyle choices, beauty, fashion, and food. Along with her YouTube page, she also created and maintains a personal blog where she gives others advice. Wengie provides constant, high quality video content for her subscribers as well as a unique and funny personality that keeps people interested and coming back. Her video on getting ready quick for school when running late, is one of the most popular videos on her channel with over 5 million views.


Wengie is a guru when it comes to beauty and fashion, and according to her, real beauty starts on the inside. She starts her days off healthy, filling up on antioxidants and healthy foods to keep her skin clean and clear.
In the beginning, she started her channel and blog just for a hobby and to vent. She probably didn’t expect that her dedication and hard work was going to turn her into a famous YouTuber. In the end, celebrities like Wengie are no different than anyone else. She prides herself with giving tips and advice to others and enjoys getting feedback from her fans.

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