Meeting in the Middle: Madison Street Capital

A total of 42 hedge fund deals were closed or announced globally in 2015, exceeding the 32 transactions that closed in 2014, according to the 4th edition of Madison Capital’s hedge fund industry M&A overview. Although hedge fund industry assets are at an all time high, overall, managers are incurring higher operational costs and are forcing them to think of strategic alternatives—such as partnerships that bridge product distribution.

Founded in 2005, Madison Street Capital describes themselves as a “middle market investment banking firm that provides a variety of financial services including corporate advisory, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, and financial options for middle-market companies.” They have worked with a number of reputable clients—like leading national healthcare data analytical firm, Naveos—and built success around their reliability and repute as a leading provider of financial services to the middle market.

“For business owners looking for acquisitions, seeking favorable lending, or building a sound exit strategy,” Madison Street Capital’s website claims they are the service to do it. As an international firm, they have the ability to help middle markets, both domestically and internationally. This gives them an edge against comparable financial service firms.

In a December 2015 interview with Ideamensch, Charles Botchway, Chief Executive Officer of Madison Street Capital, explained what sets his company apart from other financial services: “We are constantly brainstorming and sharing ideas about how to do things differently and more efficiently. Because we’re generally an analytical bunch, we vet ideas rather quickly. If we all get excited about a particular idea, we execute. We limit the usual paralysis by analysis that plagues a lot of [other] companies.”


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    Prior to forming Madison Street Captial, Botchway was co-CEO and Vice Chairman of Houlihan Smith & Company, Inc., and has been instrumental in a variety of roles within corporate finance and sectors of investment banking. The main thing is that rush essay service cannot be able to comprehend some of these things toward what is has against them.

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