Doe Deere Wants Us To Break Fashion Rules

Fashion rules have often varied from place to place and time to time. Yet for many people they have still remained somewhat the same in certain ways. We are all told to obey such rules. Someone who wants us to let go of such rules and find our own instead is fashion lover and pioneer Doe Deere. Deere has been involved in many area of fashion for a long time. Her work has been hailed by all those who love fashion and want to continue to be involved in it just as she is. She tells people about her own fashion ideas in a recent interview that she gave for Bustle Magazine.

Her Own Fashion Rules

Deere wants to us rethink our own fashion rules and create rules that are all about fun rather than what someone else thinks is going to work. This is why she has her own ideas about common rules that many of us have heard about fashion. She tells us we can discard the very idea that you can’t wear lots of prints at the same time. She does this all the time and she knows she looks just right for any occasion. She lets go of her own set fashion rules and looks for rules that she knows are just right for any woman of today.

Her Background

She has an extensive background in the field of fashion. Her own innate sense of drama has often been expressed in fashions of all kinds that are dramatic and fun. She has spend many years in the field of fashion showing off her love of color and her willingness to engage in all kinds of experimental techniques to get looks she knows are both about contemporary fashion and yet all about fun at the same time.

The Start of Her Company

To this end, she started her own fashion makeup company. Her company provides makeup products for those who really love fun, fashionable makeup. Lime Crime is devoted to the notion that makeup does not have to be bland and boring. She wants makeup to be all about color and life and well as self expression. This is why Doe Deere has so many items at Lime Crime that are all about color and using it well. Her makeup is sold by her and used by her as well. She cares about the needs of her customers.

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    Well, i happen to see reasons in what Deere is saying, for someone who has made her name in the fashion industry coming out to say most of the fashion rules are obsolete you must have a rethink. With insight from essaysontime reviews, i think should be more fun than it is already, people are no longer unexposed unlike before when information was less available, people now travel places with different cultures and i think its high time some of the rules are modified to suit current trends.

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