Should I Try Wen By Chaz?

I have always wanted to try WEN By Chaz but when it comes to my hair I don’t trust any products. It’s sad to say but I honestly don’t. I’m a firm believer that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it and right now my current hair care products work perfectly for me. They make my hair feel as wonderful as I would like for it to feel and I’ve never had to once consider if the product was working or not. Although I do like the products I currently use when I first saw a youtube ad from Wen By Chaz Dean I honestly wanted to give it a try for myself. I’m not a risk taker so I knew I would never be able to try it on my own hair. For months I tried to get one of my friends to try Wen By Chaz but they were all terrified so I could never convince them to do it. How was I ever going to know if Wen By Chaz worked if none of my friends would try it.
Recently, a blogger over at Bustle decided to give Wen By Chaz a shot. She gave readers a front row seat on just how well Wen worked on her hair leaving many readers wondering if they too should give the product a try.
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