What Makes Lime Crime Different?

Lime Crime, a unique, cruelty-free makeup brand which was launched in 2008, had just reached over two million followers via Instagram in the past month. Using the hashtag ‘#limecrime,’ fans have been able to submit their own pictures expressing their creativity with Lime Crime cosmetics. So what makes this brand stand out from others?

The founder and CEO, Doe Deere started the company to create vibrant and eye-catching makeup to match the clothes she would sew and sell, something other cosmetic brands failed to do. The result, however, wasn’t just makeup products that were bright and attractive in color, but products that were made with high quality, vegan ingredients to create lipsticks and eyeshadows that were long lasting and wouldn’t smear. Today, Lime Crime is a well-known name to makeup artists and stores like Dollskill which specializes in the cult fashion.

Lime Crime is famous for products like the Venus Grunge Palette, a collection of beautiful and unique eyeshadows with names just as appealing such as ‘Muse’ and ‘Aura’. A second palette titled Venus II was also recently released. Other popular items include a variety of matte lipsticks, known as Velvetines, and a line of high quality, colorful liquid liners.

So with a variety of special products, it’s no wonder that makeup artists from all over have chosen Lime Crime as their top go-to brand. The company has achieved a lot just by inspiring thousands of artists to express themselves and show off their individuality and creativity; not many makeup brands can say they’ve done the same. It’s no lie that Lime Crime truly is an extraordinary brand.

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