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Andy Wirth is no stranger to hard work. The CEO and current leader of the Squaw Valley Ski resort did not begin his career in the ski industry. Wirth actually began his executive career by working with a leadership team at a much smaller company after he graduated from University. Wirth often credits his leadership skills at Squaw Valley Ski resort with the preparation he endured during his time working for the small start up company that he was a leader of for several years before leaving the company to take the leadership position at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, California.


Andy Wirth also credits his ability to successfully plan the business strategies and operations of his company with the training he received early on in his career. This ability to successfully plan and implement appropriate procedures has served Wirth, as well as his team at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, by helping him to appropriately perceive the implications of the current California drought and to develop and implement plans that will help to ensure the success of the resort during this difficult economic time.  Learn more about Andy Wirth: and
During his recent interview with radio station KCRW, Andy Wirth revealed information regarding his current hardship relief plan for the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Wirth revealed that the plan was developed in an attempt to offset some of the difficulties that he knew would result with the announcement of the California drought earlier in the year.


Andy Wirth understood, at the time of the announcement, that the lack of rain could go on for months on end, and immediately began to put in place a plan of action to ensure that the Squaw Valley Ski Resort would not suffer losses. Wirth stated that the most important factor in the development of this plan was the desire of the team at the Squaw Valley Ski resort’s fervent desire to ensure that the experiential quality of the trip that visitors make on a regular basis to the resort would not be tarnished in any way by environmental factors that are beyond their control.

Wirth was pleased to announced that the resort had suffered very little with regard to the drought and was expecting to have consistent revenue and resort bookings for the new quarter of business.


Andy Wirth eventually submitted his advice to current business owners, stating that they should fight earnestly for their business and not allow environmental factors to play a major factor in the successful operation of their businesses. Andy Wirth suggests powering through the drought.


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    Andy Wirth’s KCRW radio meeting likewise contained a section where Wirth talked about the impact the foundation of his strategy for success was as of now having on the resort’s general business. It is very good note that dissertations services might have to do everything right from the start to the finish which is not very true and I like it that way also.

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