The Midas Legacy, Result Oriented Organization

The Midas Legacy is a research service that offers the clients guidance towards what they want in life. Their clientele is investors who want to manage their resources better, individuals willing to use nature to heal their illnesses and most importantly anyone who want to retire early. The Midas Legacy render services that are essential to making lives happier, better, peaceful and successful. The wealth management and advisory organization is located in Winter Garden, Florida.

The Midas Legacy delivers the financial successes through the providence of resources in natural health, entrepreneur, retirement, finance, real estate and self. When one becomes a member, they are rewarded with The Midas Code book.

Experts involved in the running of the organization
Jim Samson is a publisher and bestselling author with 20 years experience. His expertise is in trading stock, entrepreneur and real estate. He is the author of Best Business Blueprints and Real Estate Riches and Retirement Calculator Column. The second expert is Sean Bower, a chief editor who has vast experience in business journalism. He is well versed in financial markets and combines his journalism and financial expertise to cover the markets. He is the author of Wall Street Informer and Unlock Your Secret column.

Mark Edward is a leading health expert and spreads knowledge of natural cures and reveals the truth about common foods that companies would not tell. He is the author of natural cures column. The Midas Legacy website is regularly updated with blogs that discuss various topics and trends in the financial field. They attract clients by offering advice on real estate, natural cures and they also have a retirement calculator.

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Philanthropic Deeds of The Midas Legacy
The organization contributes to several charity organizations within the Florida State. They have earned recognition as Gold Business Member from the Florida Sheriffs Association for their donations. St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a beneficiary of the charitable acts. The hospital focuses on children cancer and other catastrophic diseases. Another organization is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Wounded Warrior is an organization that runs programs and services to help wounded veterans. The Midas Legacy also extends its generosity to the Salvation Army, who feed, comfort, care and cloth communities across the country.

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