Whistleblowers Get The Qualified Help They Need

In the last few years, American business has undergone many varied and important changes. Perhaps one of the most important of all such changes in the governance of American companies is the willingness of many legislators to examine laws that govern business and look to help strengthen them as much as possible to help protect employees, the government and employees working for such agencies. One of the most important of all such legislation is that of the Dodd-Frank bill. This bill is called the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The law is considered by many experts to be one of the most impressive overhauls of U.S. regulatory financial regulation in over six decades.

A New Program

This particular act has established an entirely new whistleblower program. The aim of the program is to help provide many basic and substantial employment protections to all those who reveal problems in the workforce or with a specific company. Such legislation also provides significant financial incentives that are aimed at offering individuals the means to report potential violations of the existing securities laws to the law enforcement agency designed to supervise the world of business. This is known as the securities and exchange commission or the SEC. Work with an SEC Whistleblower lawyer

Offering Legal Help

As a result of this legislation, one firm has firmly stepped into the field to help potential whistleblowers get the protection and fiscal results they are fully entitled to under the terms of the law. The firm of Labaton Sucharow is all about offering assistance to clients who may wish to step forward and speak out to the SEC directly. Their aim is to help protect anyone who needs assistance as they wend their way through the process of speaking out and helping to expose any potential violations of the new laws.

Fiscal Rewards

The terms of the new laws include many financial incentives designed to help provide assistance for all those who expose potential wrongdoing to the SEC. Such financial rewards can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars should significant problems get noticed. The penalties allow for the ability of the person to collect money that can help provide them with a reward that serves as useful incentive to allow whistleblowers to feel confident they will be rewarded as a result of their decision to help expose any kind of fraud by a private company or a government agency.

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