Dick Devos’ philanthropic works

Dick DeVos was born in Michigan to Richard Devos on October 21st, 1955. He has three siblings dough Devos and Daniel Devos. The Devos family has for more than three generations helped in charity works. His father Mr. Richard has for long supported many humanitarian organizations namely; the Moral Majority., Americans for Prosperity, and the Heritage Foundation among much more. The rest of the family including his wife’s brother Erick Prince. Erick is the founder of Black Water USA. Mr. Prince is involved in the Action Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Council for National Policy. Most of the family members including Dick are involved in the same organizations.

Dick Devos is a graduate of the schools of Forest Hill and the Northwood University. He graduated with an MBA from the University. Mr. Devos also attended the University of Harvard and Wharton School in the business school and the school of executive studies respectively. He has also received honorary doctorate degrees from both the Grove City College and the Central Michigan University. The Northwood University recognizes him as a prominent alumnus. He is a lucky man no doubt.

He started working in his father’s company when was a small boy. Dick and his brother Dough could clean dishes, welcome guests, and lead them to tennis and waterski pitches. This early involvement in the company shaped his future. He could spend his leisure time working for the Amway. He begins his career with the same company. Dick has held various seats in the business. He rose up to the position of vice president in 1991. When his family acquired the Orlando Magic Franchise in 1991, he was chosen to head the franchise. He was the President of Orlando Franchise till 1993.

In this year, he went back to head the mother company Amway International. When he was still on the board of Amway he had achieved a lot. The Amway International owes the name to Mr. Dough, his brother. During his time as the president, he increased sales to a recognizable level. He went on to head the company until 2002.

Mr. Devos and his wife Betsy Devos have founded charity organizations among them the Education Freedom Fund and supported organizations like the Children’s Scholarship Fund. He worked with the chairperson of the Kids First Yes campaign to amend the constitution to allow tuition and vouchers tax credits for the private K-12 Education. The Dick DeVos & Betsy Foundation has also supported organizations like the Children First America, the Choices for Children, and the American Education Reform Council. You check out other philanthropic works of Dick Devos online.

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