Mike Baur And Swiss Startup Factory Supports Young Entrepreneurs:

Mike Baur understands the importance of creating and supporting new businesses. These businesses are the backbone of the economy and the future of any country. To help to create and support new businesses Mike Baur and his friends have started the Swiss Startup Factory. The Zurich based new business accelerator was launched in 2014. It offers a 3 month long program during which new entrepreneurs are provided with office space, mentoring and training in a wide range of business skills they will need to build a successful company. They are also introduced to a network of local and international businesspeople that can provide them with opportunities to thrive.

Swiss Startup Factory has been wildly successful and has quickly become the country’s number one rated new business accelerator. The program recruits both male and female entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. All that’s required is a good business plan and a willingness to follow instructions and work hard to implement them. The independent accelerator also provides financing, accounting services and connections to potential investors.

One of the primary forces behind the creation of the Swiss Startup Factory is veteran businessman Mike Baur. Baur had been involved in the Swiss banking industry for more than 20 years and understood the importance of new entrepreneurs getting proper training and support. He has been responsible for arranging financing and organizing fundraising activities for the company. The Fribourg native has an undergraduate degree in applied science with a focus on finance and banking. He also has a master’s in executive business administration he earned at Bern University and an MBA from Rochester University.

Mike Baur started his banking career at the private Swiss banking facility Sallfort Bank. He also worked with the UBS wealth management group. After 20 years in the banking industry and having risen to executive board member, Baur turned his attention to mentoring and supporting youth with a passion for entrepreneurship. And his impact has been immeasurable. He has helped countless young people in their quest to start and grow businesses. Using his connections and expertise in private banking, Baur has been able to provide entrepreneurs with the finances they need at pivotal times in the development and growth of their companies.

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