IAP Worldwide Services Offers Global Disaster Readiness and Facility Management Services

IAP Worldwide Services Offers Global Disaster Readiness and Facility Management Services.

IAP Worldwide Services is the world’s leading company that provides both technical and professional services, and convenient facilities management on a global level. The company was founded as a logistics and Procurement Company, with the basis to handle supplies to the United States Army. The troops were on a mission in Saudi Arabia at the time. Through its convenience in delivering services and managing the troop’s facilities, the company developed a close relationship with the military. IAP Worldwide Services won consistent contracts to supply mobile power transport and general relief in disaster-stricken regions.

IAP has maintained first growth through its investments in new emerging markets and expanded its capabilities over time through acquisitions of affiliate companies. IAP holds $ 370 million Dollars worth of government contracts. In 2006, the company acquired JCWS wholly with its other owned subsidiary Readiness Management Support (RMS). IAP Worldwide Services specializes in three major business lines, Technical and Professional Services, Global logistics, and operations, and lastly, Base Operations support Services.

IAP Worldwide in its quest to expand markets acquired G3 Systems Ltd. G3 systems are British owned and work to provide services and solutions to its wide client base that includes the government and other international clients. Its main services include procurement and maintenance of a wide range of facilities and providing both technical and professional support services, based on its vast experience and understanding in operating under harsh conditions.

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In 2014, the company was subjected to a complete restructuring of its ownership, and also reorganized a new Board of Directors. The company today employs over 1,600 employees from 20 different companies, who currently operate it in the company’s 110 locations. IAP Worldwide Services’ success majorly lies on its quick response towards disasters and its capability in bringing together vast resources to counter a disaster and minimize losses incurred. The company currently works with over 175,000 military personnel in different installations worldwide.

The company also has a Science and Technology Team, which works to ensure that through its day-to-day operations, the environment is protected. The team is also responsible for ensuring humanitarian aid and advanced healthcare supplies are dispatched quickly, to save and improve lives around the world. The individual commitment from employees, clients and partners is the main drive to the sustainable disaster readiness at all times. IAP has support programs that seek to appreciate the creativity and efforts of each employee. 

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