Fast Company Highlights EOS vs. Chapstick Battle

Fast Company is a magazine that tracks the success of innovative companies that are doing things that result in fast growth. This year there were a lot of companies that took the lead and grew at fast rates, and the Evolution of Smooth was one of these companies. It has become an interesting organization that has become the dominant force in the lip balm industry.


There is a battle with ChapStick, but people that are looking at the advertisements and the sales will realize that the EOS Lip balm is winning this battle. ChapStick had the lead for many years. This company was leading in sales for many years. Some might even say that there was a monopoly in the lip chap product industry. There were other generic products out there, but ChapStick had already established a name. This product was able to become a dominant force because it had a name that was directly linked to what it helped prevent. It was also a dominant force because it worked well. The buzz spread, but there was really nothing incredibly special about this product. It simply rose to the top because there was no other real competition for ChapStick.


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Fast Company has tracked out another lip balm company that has come out and given people something to talk about. Evolution of Smooth ( appears to be the unlikely contender that has reached out to the youth. That is something that ChapStick has failed to do successfully. One might compare this to the battle between Microsoft and Apple. Microsoft continued to focus on computer software while Apple pushed for more mobile technology. The end result was the iPhone and the iPad. Microsoft loss profits by ignoring the fact that younger kids do not even have computers because they rely on smart devices.


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