George Soros on historical lessons Ukraine should learn from

In a bid to help Ukraine, George Soros has stated that partners of the country should come together and have sanctions against Russia. Doing this would mean that there will be no more propaganda that could be put forth to blame Russia’s leadership to its economic and political problems. Soros has argued in his publications that Russia has managed to advance its causes over Ukraine. He states that the Russian President is ready to go to a full-scale war and use nuclear weapons. Allies of the Ukraine on the other hand are working hard to avert any sort of military clash with Russia. Russia has managed to engage in hybrid war in whatever way it desires.

George Soros believes that another key component to help the Ukraine is to provide economic assistance. He argues that Europe might play a lead role in ensuring transformation of Ukraine. The state is today plagued by excessive patronage, corruption and lack of a free fair democracy. By ensuring financial assistance to the reforms, Europe may go on a venture to ease the work that reformists in Ukraine are doing. Reformists in the country have always found it difficult as there are opponents that oppose the political class highly. He notes that it is sad that apart from International Monetary Fund, there has been no other body willing to commit to large scale financial resources and assist Ukraine.

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George Soros thinks that there is a big reason towards the experienced reluctance on Most of those reasons are completely justified. Ukraine has recorded poorly in its previous attempts for reforms. Billions of dollars were spent towards the reforms but only found their way to pockets of rulers. The bureaucracy government by the European commission has also been slow. It has failed to reevaluate convictions without any form of bias. As such, agreements made with its former head of state should be reevaluated.

George Soros went forth to publish an essay in the New York Book reviews. The title of the Essay is Wake Up Europe on He highlights Europe’s struggles with threats from Russia where he notes that neither European leaders nor its citizens are aware of the kind of threat posed by Russia. He pushes for EU member states to wake up and act as if the countries are in an indirect war.

Mr. Soros passion to help the Ukraine dates many year ago. He has been engaged in advising the nation since it established its foundation back in 1990. He has always argued that EU failed to recognize that a Russian attack on Ukraine is an indirect attack to the EU. The future of organizations and partners with Ukraine and the European Union itself have always been at risk. Mr. Soros passionately argues how the EU lost its way since the financial crisis as experienced in 2008. Instead of going forth on an economic strictness, the country should invest its efforts in war. He points out that the support of strict policies have always been dividing and weakening Europe. This has limited it from being willing and able to offer assistance to the Ukraine.

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