Wengie “You’ve Changed!!!” Vlog – Wengie Talks Costumes and Changing

In one of Wengie’s most recent vlogs, she shows off a handful of Halloween costumes, changing from one to the other in a fitting display as she talks about change.


She begins with a series of filters from Snapchat, starting with the puffy-faced one with glasses. After removing the uncomfortable cotton balls stuffed in her cheeks, she moves on to the infamous dog filter. Wengie demonstrates her makeup skills with this look, created with Derivan Face and Body Paint.


She also demonstrates the removal of the makeup, which is surprisingly easy, though the paint does sort of ball up in little rubbery pieces.


Next up is her favorite look: the deer filter! As she demonstrates the deer filter look, she spends a few moments talking about change and what it means to her.


She talks about how oftentimes when a blogger or internet presence gets popular, viewers will talk down to them about how they’ve changed since the beginning. But to Wengie change is a good thing. She says she would personally be disappointed in herself if, in three years, she hadn’t changed at all.


During her discussion, she also talks about how she isn’t a makeup artist and how she originally started as a fashion blogger, but an invite to a makeup competition resulted in makeup tutorial requests. Wengie is self-taught though, and she says, that’s why her channel isn’t all makeup tutorials but is branching into other things like DIY, a process that started when she and Max teamed up for one.


She does say that if anyone wants to see makeup tutorials, she’d love requests, but she feels as if she doesn’t have many day-to-day looks to continue offering and doesn’t want to produce any mediocre content.


The video isn’t all serious though. She plays around in the deer costume and sings a bit after inhaling helium from a balloon to change her voice to match the Snapchat filter.


Her final costume display is a Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn, and she shows off Kat Von Dee’s Underage Red lipstick.

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