José Borghi’s Strides in Advertising

José Borghi is the President and co-CEO of Mullen Lowe, a highly successful advertising agency in Brazil. His job is to meet the requirements of the company’s corporate clients promptly.

Jose Borghi ran his first Ad agency, BorghiErh/Lowe. He faced financial constraints as no bank was willing to fund his startup company. However, they began with the little resources he had until the firm stood firm to become a renowned ad agency in Brasil.

Jose Borghi has a vast grassroots connection, and this will help the Mullen Lowe to dominate the Brazilian advertising market. He developed these networks from his experience in various ad agencies. The company has a well-established marketing strategy which makes it the most preferred marketing firm by many businesses in South America.

José Borghi has been in the advertising industry for almost 30 years. He graduated from the Catholic University of Campinas with a degree in advertising. His first job was that of a screenwriter and editor at Standard Ogilvy as from 1988. During his six years at the company, his skills in advertising became vividly pronounced as he was able to design very captivating ads.

He then moved to DM9DDB in 1994, where he further improved his marketing skills. He generated outstanding ads for many brands including Itau, Carlinhos, Parmalat Mammals and INBEV.

Jose’s later joined Leo Burnett, where his corporate advertisement role was elevated after he was made the CEO of the company before the end of his first year. His most remarkable achievement in the company was the Fiat Campaign advertisement, the ad of the year in 2001.

Having built enough confidence, he co-founded BorghiErh with Erh Rayin 2006. The firm managed to secure numerous corporate contracts including deals with American Express, Asia Motors, Alpargatas, Delta Airlines, Asia Motors and Leaf Group.

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The BorghiErh and Mullen Merger

Mullen Lowe developed from a merger between BorghiErh/Lowe and Mullen in June 2015. José Borghi says that he felt the urge to merge with Mullen to help his agency to achieve better global recognition. He and Andre Gomes are the co-CEOs of the Mullen Lowe.

Mullen Lowe Brasil is geared to achieve its dream, with a global marketing communication network of about 90 agencies in 65 countries. The company focuses on marketing through strategies that are suitable for various niches.

José Borghi describes Mullen Lowe Group as an integrated marketing communications network with a strong entrepreneurial background and a challenger mindset. He focuses on making the agency the world’s best ad agency.

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