Jason Hope – The Hope of the Future

Jason hope is what can be described as a futurist. This means that he has developed the skill of understanding technology, and he’s able to use that knowledge to predict what the future will bring with new waves of technology. He’s a firm believer in The Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is simply a way of describing how everything has become interconnected via the internet.


Everyday items such as household appliances, smartphones, tablets, computers and even vehicles are connected through the inter workings of devices embedded in them. This allows these devices to be sensed as well as controlled through remote access via the internet. All of this allows for greater freedom and control to do things, but requires sufficient safety protocols.


Jason Hope believes that based on technological trends The Internet of Things will just get bigger and more important in our everyday lives. Devices will advance and more devices will become connected. Hope feels this holds great promise for the future in so many ways.


Hope’s opinions and insight about technology and its advances is considered useful by many businesses that are trying to find their way and increase their profits in a fast changing technological future. Many turn to him for his expertise in what they should invest in and how their businesses should proceed in order to be profitable and competitive in the fast approaching future.


Jason Hope believes that technology is the future and works towards developing desktop software, mobile apps, gaming software as well as devices that continue to advance the Internet of Things idea. Jason Hope writes in his blog that technology can be used to help improve the conditions of life for people everywhere in more ways than just enjoying it. Through the work of his Sens Foundation he tries to advanced Medical Technology in the goal toward saving lives.


Businesses and corporations seek his advice in order to make sure they are on the cutting edge of any advancements in technology so they can not only maintain their businesses and profits but so they can help humankind in achieving its potential. Jason Hope and his experience in technology and foresight helps them to do this and this is why he is their go-to person.


Jason Hope (@jasonhope) also works with businesses that are just starting out by giving them insight into what path they might want to follow. Jason Hope has helped by funding grants for financially challenged businesses or even individuals that lack funds but have great ideas.


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