Securus Responds to GTL’s False Press Release

On June 7, 2016, GTL made a press release with claims related to Securus Technologies. According to Securus, the published claims were all nothing but false information. Over the past few years, both Securus and GTL are known for providing proving detainees with communication services as well as efficient monitoring services in prisons. Both companies have been on the forefront in ensuring that the inmates enjoy the most crucial thing in life which is communicating with their families back at home. Previous studies have shown that since the introduction of this communication services in the prisons, inmates have managed to create good relations with their families back at home.


In most circumstances, both companies have worked closely, and GTL claimed that Securus has been infringing their patents especially their recently established video visitation. Since establishment, Securus takes pride of using their patented technology. Therefore claims of the company conflicting with any of GTL’s patents are nothing but off-key allegations. GTL also stated that Securus settled disputes by bullying their competitors and if not they settled in terms which are only favorable to them. Concerning this claim, Securus boldly insisted that they have never at any one time bullied any of their clients into entering any licenses and agreements.


In the press release, GTL also had displayed the number patents they had acquired. In response to the claim on patents acquired, Securus posted to the public the total number of patents of both companies including those pending and on analyzing them, it is clear that Securus had acquired a bigger number of patents as opposed to GTL making it the winner.


In conclusion, Securus stated that it does not tolerate any attacks from its competitors. Securus believes that GTL is a company that is trying to establish its name in the industry through tarnishing their name. Instead, GTL should focus more on improving their service delivery so as to establish a good reputation.


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