Capitol Anesthesiology Association: Austin’s Philanthropists

Since 1973, the CAA or Capitol Anesthesiology Association has been showing their dedication and growth. They have established the nation’s largest medical practice when it comes to the specialization of anesthesiology. They offer careers to over 80 anesthesiologists and 130 CRNAs. The CAA has created more than 20 medical buildings throughout Austin, Texas. They have qualified in the highest care for their patients in high-volume hospitals, surgery centers, and trauma centers.


Every single one of Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s doctors is certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and are continuing their education. The specialized training their physicians have accomplished are in pediatric, cardiothoracic, and obstetric anesthesiology. The CAA aims for nothing, but success and excellence. They exceed in being high quality and top professionalism throughout the whole Austin area.


The Capitol Anesthesiology Association doesn’t just stay committed inside the workplace; they open their arms to the community and many charities. The CAA has aimed to be successful philanthropists by giving back to mission groups and under-developed countries throughout the world. From Austin Smiles to Family Eldercare, the CAA has not gone unnoticed within the community. For example, Austin Smiles is a plastic surgery foundation that provides reconstructive surgery and oral repairs to children around the Austin area and certain parts of Latin America.


Capitol Anesthesiology Association has come a long way to providing security and effectiveness within their facilities when it comes to calming pain and nerves before or after surgeries. Find the security within the Capitol Anesthesiology Association’s arms by having the top qualified and most personable physicians within the nation.


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