Getting accreditation from the Better Business Bureau; Securus’ secret

All the key players in the service industry know that to get accredited by the better business bureau means that you are doing an exceptionally good job at relating with your customers as you sell them whichever goods or services you have for them. This is a milestone that has already been reached by Securus Technologies. Their recent certification by the BBB shows that their long time determination to make life better for their clientele all over the country is paying off really well.


How BBB accreditation comes about


Any company that wants to get accredited by the better business bureau starts by inviting the company to their business. When invited, the bureau comes to them and starts the process of interrogating the business practices carried out by the company. They will interview a sample of customers and associates in order to try and find out how they feel about the company. The business practices of the company are scrutinized to see if the company meets the criteria that they have set.


For instance, the bureau will want to find out if the business relates positively with other businesses of their kind. This is to figure out whether they are a reliable and trustworthy partner. The other criterion that is used is the advertising practices that are used by the company. Companies that use manipulative and misleading advertising do not get accredited. The bureau then looks at the ability of the company to keep the technology and information entrusted to them safely.


When this survey was carried out on Securus, they scored an A+. This clearly shows that the company and their practices are commendable. Securus has 1300 partners all over the country and their satisfaction also shows how committed the company is to excellence. The CEO to Securus was very excited about the accolade and he stated that he was confident they were market leaders.


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