Adam Goldenberg Confirms that TechStyle Fashion Group is Still Committed to its Vision of Redefining the Fashion Arena

Adam Goldenberg is a globally known fashion entrepreneur and developer of profitable startups. Adam Goldenberg co-founded Techstyle Fashion Group back in 2010 with his longtime business associate Don Ressler. Currently, Goldenberg holds the co-CEO post at the e-commerce fashion giant. When he entered the fashion sector, Goldenberg’s primary agenda was to redefine it by incorporating technology and data into the whole business cycles, starting from product development, manufacturing, supply, to client experience.

Since its inauguration, TechStyle has become a leader in the fashion sector. It has expanded both its product pipeline and geographical presence by launching and acquiring four successful brands: ShoeDazzle, JustFab, FabKids, and Fabletics. The firm has over 4 million active subscribers on a VIP membership. Adam Goldenberg commenced his fashion career at the age of 17 after building and selling his first startup to Intermix Media. Following this acquisition deal, Intermix Media appointed Goldenberg as the COO.

JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

A few years ago, prominent social media platforms were filled with rumors that JustFab was considering adopting a new name. The rumors on turned into a reality when JustFab took up the name TechStyle Fashion Group. The purpose of the rename is to stress on the firm’s authority in both tech and fashion words.

Adam Goldenberg’s remarks

Adam Goldenberg, the co-head of the newly named firm, said that when he collaborated with Ressler to start JustFab, their mission was to revolutionize the shopping experience by providing on-trend fashion at a fantastic value at The two fashion gurus have stayed committed to that mission. On the other hand, the company has turned into an established brand-building platform, which leverages personalization and data to grow.

Origin of the name

The new corporate marketing officer, Shawn Gold, suggested the name during the spring. Shawn manages marketing campaigns of each of the brands. He ensures the aims of portfolio brands are in line with TechStyle’s corporate distinctiveness as mentioned on Twitter. Since 2010, TechStyle has raised nearly $300 million and is targeting revenue of $650 million in 2017 fiscal year.

JustFab secures $85 million in its round of financing

Speaking to Pando today, Co-CEO Adam Goldenberg confirmed that JustFab had garnered $85 million in its round of funding. The Passport Special Opportunity Fund led the funding campaign. Other participants included Matrix Partners, Technology Crossover Ventures, and the Shining Capital. The recent financing that was fully primary capital has brought the total capitalization of the firm to $250 million.

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