Jeffry Schneider – A Finance Professional

A corporate world needs so many elements to engineer its success. For example, let’s consider Jeffry Schneider, Founder of Ascendant Capital, LLC.  Jeffry Schneider is one man whose efforts have been reflected in the solid establishment of the Austin-based, boutique alternative investments firm.

Ascendant Capital has grown rapidly for a five-year period. No wonder, it had grown to more than 50 employees and raised an impressive amount of $1 billion on behalf of numerous managers. An equally significant aspect of Jeffry Schneider’s efforts is how Ascendant Capital can hold more than 50 broker-dealers, 250 investment advisers and many family offices. Likewise, Jeffry has enabled the organization to venture in real estate business, automotive and technology.

Most importantly, Jeffry Schneider’s plan is to increase the company’s capital by raising $50 million monthly. Having considered the aforementioned successes made by Jeffry Schneider and his team. As a skilled leader, Jeffry Schneider has succeeded in binding his members together to achieve the required goals.

Ascendant’s company culture has provided its employees have a good working environment and Furthermore, firms like Smith Barney, Merrill Lynch and Alex Brown became successful during Jeffry’s tenure. Outside of work, Jeffry Schneider is a dedicated father who enjoys fitness and world travel.

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