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jeffry schneider professionalJeffry Schneider is an entrepreneur, father, and philanthropist.  While business is close to Jeff’s heart, his true passion is positively influencing children’s lives. After decades of working hard and committing to fitness, the UMass grad chose to take a step back to understand what brings others happiness and success. During this time of reflection, he discovered the benefits of wellness programs. Today, Schneider underscores the value of health and remains a strong supporter of wellness programs in business environments. Schneider’s insights into the benefits of these programs extend beyond the workplace value as he emphasizes the various health effects they can have on everyday living. He highlights that these effects can lead to an elevated quality of life and believes that wellness programs foster longevity. As a CEO, Jeff Schneider cares about the health and wellbeing of his business team, so he is passionate about integrating these programs at his workplace.

Because he knows that healthy employees produce higher quality work, Jeff Schneider has made wellness programs readily available within the workplace and strongly encourages healthy choices outside the office. Implementing wellness program for employees is an investment a company makes in itself by providing health and fitness plans for their team members. Workplace wellness plans can include an array of activities that range from sponsored workshops, weekly yoga classes during lunch, or even a full-service gym on company premises. Jeff understands that wellness programs can’t resolve all team issues, but he firmly believes that the benefits of wellness programs can considerably decrease downtime and positively affect the wellbeing of his team.

Wellness affects our lives in so many ways and can be described more generally as maintaining a healthy balance. Being properly balanced means focusing one’s energy throughout life evenly and often leads to improved efficiency and tranquility. Wellness programs typically focus on balanced routines and often incorporate healthy meal plans. A variety of different foods can help individuals manage their weight in a healthy way and can result in greater emotional and physical wellbeing. In addition to incorporating a healthy diet including an exercise regimen can also assist in generating a greater amount of energy and mental clarity. Making these small changes is a simple way to improve one’s health. To make it even simpler, having a fully stocked kitchen with healthy choices is also helpful for employees looking to turn their health around.

Jeffry Schneider strives to help his employees find balance while focusing on his own as well. Over the years, Jeffry has prioritized what’s truly precious to him. Whether he’s spending time with family, volunteering with healthcare professionals, fundraising for kid’s advocacy groups, or contributing to a nonprofit organization, a natural giver, Jeffry is devoted to caring for others.

Jeff Schneider finds helping others with personal development and health of the utmost importance. He is mentally and physically devoted to his health and the health of others. Because of this, he habitually participates in community fitness activities as a means of growth and personal fulfillment. As a longtime humanitarian and entrepreneur, Jeffry Schneider asserts that it is not sufficient to donate to a charity, it is equally important to participate in its core objectives. So that’s what Jeff is actively doing: channeling his energy towards charitable participation.

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