Why EOS’ Sweet Mint is Sweet Indeed

EOS lip balms have long been loved for the high quality ingredients that they use as well as their all-natural and non-artificial tasting lip balm. All too often, lip balms have this synthetic flavor associated with them those results in them tasting like medicine and I stay away from them.

It is with this reservation that I tried the sweet mint lip balm that EOS makes. Mint lip balms always taste like vapor rub to me and, though I love the flavor of fresh mint, I never buy it in lip balm form.

EOS’ sweet mint lip balm came as a revelation to me. It tasted like the authentic mint I love and without the fake medicine like flavor that is all too common in mint lip balms. The sweetness in the sweet mint balm was subtle and by no means pucker inducing being subtle and with a luscious application. It was a big change of pace from traditional mint lip balms and that the non-artificial ingredients shine through and it was refreshing and everything I love about mint flavored items, in lip balm form.

EOS’ applicator orbs (http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm) were also a great addition in that they are unique in appearance and easy to find in my pocketbook, but also are sanitary to use as you do not need to use your fingers to apply. They also stand out on shelves of Target and Walmart and attract customers like myself who love their unique and brightly colored orbs.

That was a good thing for me as EOS’ sweet mint is now seeing daily use, mixed up only with their strawberry sorbet flavor when I get into a mood for a fruity flavor (https://www.amazon.ca/eos-Pomegranate-Raspberry-Lip-Balm/dp/B00B6A9KTU) to mix in. If you have any inclination for mint flavored things try the sweet mint offering from EOS. It is sweet indeed.

For more product information, visit the EOS Facebook page.

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