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Marc Sparks Career and Philanthropy

Marc Sparks is an established businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has beaten all odds to become one of the wealthiest businessman in Texas. And, even if he did not go past high school and only graduated with a Grade C, that did not hinder him from achieving his dreams. In fact, it motivated him to dig his hands in business.


As a successful entrepreneur, he has always had the passion to help others. Not many know Marc Spark’s story, those who know him only know him after riches. But, if you heard his story, you would be really encouraged. He has written a book “They Can’t Eat You” and hopes that this will be an inspiration for all upcoming entrepreneurs. In this book he talks of his failures and successes and how each of this has molded him to be where he is today.


He started founding companies since he graduated high school and for over thirty years, this is what he has been doing. At some point along the way, he discovered that there were other entrepreneurs who were struggling to get their businesses standing. He decided to start Timber Creek. Timber Creek is a company that concentrates in helping upcoming entrepreneurs.


Through Timber Creek, Marc Sparks connect entrepreneurs with investors. So long as you have a brilliant idea that can be commercialized, you can always seek the help of Marc Sparks. His business challenges have made him sympathetic of struggling entrepreneurs. To him, success entails more that getting a good education. Marc Sparks believes that God’s grace has made him get this far.



The Timber Creek owner derives joy in sharing some of the wealth that he has amassed with the less fortunate in the Industry. Some of his charitable works include contribution to the Habitat for Humanity. He donates funds to go towards the building of houses for the homeless in this shelter. He also offers guidance and counselling. He also established Sparky’s Kids. This foundation donates funds to sponsor youths in Dallas to continue with their education.

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