Jason Hope Showcases the Internet of Things

If you are at all cognizant of the way the tech world works then you know how important is to be at the forefront of innovation. In the tech world you have to be able to guess where trends are heading in order to be the first one there. Jason Hope, a long time entrepreneur and self proclaimed futurist, knows where he is going to put his stake in the ground: The Internet of Things. Let’s talk a little bit about the Internet of Things (IoT) and see why it is so alluring to so many tech savvy geniuses.


More than a popular catchphrase, the Internet of Things is a reality that the tech industry is going to have to come to terms with. The Internet of Things, at its most simple term, is a phrase that refers to technology interfacing with our every day life. More specifically, the Internet of Things refers to how we can communicate via an internet connection with our day to day hobbies and routines. Imagine a smart car that drives you where you want to go or a bus that maps out the fastest routes instantaneously thanks to satellite and GPS. This is the Internet of Things and, don’t worry, we agree that it sounds almost too good to be true and learn more about Jason.


Right now Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things is in its infancy. While technology is jumping in gigantic ways every single day, Hope believes that there is still time to get on board with the IoT. One day, Hope believes, the Internet of Things may be the biggest market on the planet and resume him.


More visit: http://tech.co/author/jasonhope

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