The Donor Sponsored Political Action Committee- End Citizen United

The End Citizens United, a grassroots donor-sponsored Political Action Committee (PAC) is committed to dealing with the adverse effects of Citizens United and also re-establishing the campaign finance system. Its principal mission is to drive huge amounts of money out of politics and dissociate the non-flexible political system. This is made possible by choosing campaign finance reform champions and enforcing state ballot measures. All this is accomplished by voting in pro-reform candidates, prioritizing the issue of money in politics, and by making use of marginalized membership to showcase political power on the same.


The End Citizens United supports Democrats who are for the constructive change of their campaign finance system in major races. It protects candidates who are threatened by corporate special interests.


The group was featured in the USA Today on April 4, 2017, in regards to its success on raising big money on its own. End Citizens United accumulated a sum of about four million dollars within the initial three months of its formation. It foresees itself attaining 35 million dollars ahead of the 2018 midterm elections for Congress.


An approximate of 100,000 people made their contributions to the PAC earlier that year. PAC’s President, Tiffany Muller, says that among these, 40,000 of them were first-time contributors. He also stated that they acquired an average of $12 and the donors feel like the system is not flexible to them.


Not so long ago, the political action committee has helped to persuade its donors to contribute $500,000 to campaign for Democrat’s Congress candidate Jon Ossof, a first-time political candidate. Jon shocked the establishment by raising over $4  for the April 18th election to occupy a Republican House seat in suburban Atlanta which was vacated by Ton Price, the Health and Human Services Secretaries. Muller, pointed out that the group was still evaluating the races that would be active in 2018.


End Citizens United functions as a traditional PAC and doesn’t accept contributions of more than $5000 from an individual donor. However, its 2016 fundraising was a stepping stone to the higher ranks of Democratic-aligned groups spending in the previous year’s election.


The group also raised concerns on some campaign-finance guards who insisted on grass-roots activism over collecting political cash. Adam Bozzi, End Citizens United’s spokesman, said that the group has created more bonds with the campaign-finance groups. An instance of this is where over 24 groups collaborated with his organization to persuade Republican senators who accept campaign money from Betsy DeVos and her wealthy family to exclude themselves from voting on her nomination as Trump’s Educational Secretary. Eventually, the votes were half-half and the Vice President cast the tie-breaking vote in her favor. End Citizen United is, therefore, an influential group that will bring change in the US political scene.



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