Brown Agency Grew From Experience

The Justin Brown Agency didn’t become what it is by accident. It was led by a man that considered the work his life from day one. He loved modeling. He especially loved fitness modeling that made his career what it is today. Here is some history about how he became the model himself, and then taught other his craft.

What is Fit Modeling?

This is the big question. It began with Justin Brown modeling his skinny jeans. He did it so well that it became the heart of the agency. He called them “rocker jeans.” No matter what they were called, he was able to make them all look good when he modeled. He learned how to do that through his experience.

His Career Start?

He began as a business management major in school. That led him to a position as a hiring manager. He was really good at it. His strength was creating models that acted like the pros that they were.

His Beginning

He was born in Reno, Nevada, where he began as an easy kid. The family then moved to Susanville, California, where he learned to be like everyone around him. After that, he grew up to be the gifted business model that he is today. His work was natural that stemmed from his gift. That gift was a flare for the runway. He was so good at making the clothes look perfect, no matter what he wore on the runway.

The End Result

Several of the modeling agencies that he worked for gave him the help to become what he is today. He is very good at creating the perfect model to work in the business. He worked in Dallas and Austin at the time. He spent years learning his craft. He honed the skills that made him a great model and learned how to make great models. It wasn’t an easy feat, but he mastered it like a pro.

This type of career took years of modeling himself. He learned how to model, then taught it to the models that he molded into the perfect image of what fit modeling has become. That’s the big secret behind the agency. They are good because someone made them good. He picked the models and created this perfect little world of charm on the walkway. All of that grew from the experience.

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