The Best of the Pink EOS Lip Balms

Other than the fun cylindrical shape of EOS Lip Balms, one of the best things is the brightly colored shades. It’s crazy to think that a few years ago we were pigeon holed into using tiny tubes that got lost in purses, melted in even the slightest head and were just overall boring and generic.


I’ve always been a pink person, and I love that there are multiple shades of pink EOS Lip Balms that are all incredibly unique. Open this link,


First, there is the timeless Summer Fruit. This one is a mix of a hot pink with hues of orange melted in and it was one of the first balms ever released by EOS. I call it a classic. The flavor of Summer Fruit is a bit indescribable, but it’s a delicious blend of multiple fruits that feel like the very essence of a summer vacation. There are definitely notes of bright fruit like a passion fruit or berry combination, but the sheer fact that each time you use it you can taste a different note is a fun little extra bonus for this compact balm, have a peek here.


Next, we have the Pomegranate Raspberry. This orb is a deep, almost burgundy hue and the flavor is absolutely decadent. It’s rich from the pomegranate flavor with a lighter hint of raspberry. The two fuse together well for a wonderful taste and scent. Check their latest lip balm products here on


EOS also offers the light Strawberry Sorbet flavor. This flavor is almost whimsical as it really tastes like an ice cream flavor and is one of those products you just wish you could take a bite out of, but know that would be fruitless. Buy at


The EOS brand prides itself on using all natural ingredients as well as being gluten free. All the EOS balms mentioned above are organic and are never tested on animals, making it a very positive choice when selecting your next lip product.




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