Whitney Wolfe; the founder of Bumble Dating App

Bumble is about to take its users for a treat. The app is mostly for those who are looking for online dating partners. Initially, the users of the app had nothing in common. In the near future, the app is opening up a social gathering space in the New York City. The meeting space which will be called The Hive will see the many users gather for fun amongst other things. Anyone will be able to use the place for fun and hang outs. The physical dating space will be a reality for the many users of the dating up. The founder and the C.E.O of the dating brand said that people do not have to view the brand as a taboo. The reason is that it has taken a step that will make the brand go beyond just dating. She says that one day it will transform to real business.


Whitney further explains that the investment will in the future become a bee hive of events. Many social and professional networking forums will be able to hold their conferences and other social events in the spectacular building. Some of the likely events that will take place in the near future include among others, The Mentor and the Mingle session with Forbes, The founders of the Skimm Panel, and the style Session with Drybar among others. The space will also have a coffee place and a bar where non-dating individuals can meet for a discussion.


Whitney Wolfe was born in Salt City and spent most of her childhood in a pictorial environment. She grew up in Utah village together with her parents and young sister. She says that her background gave her a start in understanding people and their different cultures. She was born by a Catholic mother and a Jewish father. In her early life, she attended a Jewish pre-school but later joined a Catholic school for her high school.


When she turned 11, her family moved to Paris, in a non- English speaking community. As a result, she found herself in a different culture. This background is what stimulated her to begin a social media app where people from different communities can initiate a talk, date and, possibly end up marrying.

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