JHSF: Leading the Real Estate Development in Brazil

The world today is undergoing through a massive skyline development. Construction of buildings is continuously increasing as years go by, and Brazil is not exempt from it. In the country’s major cities, residential and commercial skyscrapers are being built one after another, changing Brazil’s skyline. Real estate development is in an all-time high, and companies which are focused mainly on construction are benefiting from it. One of these companies is the JHSF Participacoes, the leading real estate and property development company in Brazil. Established in 1972 by Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF Participacoes has grown from a small family run construction business into one of Brazil’s largest. During the early days of the company, JHSF Participacoes is focused on constructing residential properties for the upper class, but then after the property market boom, they have diversified and decided to build properties for the middle class as well. They are headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and opened a number of satellite offices throughout the country and some overseas. JHSF Participacoes have also entered the stock market in 2007, which helped them grow further.

JHSF Participacoes is currently focusing its operations on four business units: malls and retail, incorporations, hotels and restaurants, and an executive airport. In 2006, JHSF Participacoes opened up the Park City Garden, which is the first, mixed-used, large scale project in Brazil. In 2007, JHSF Participacoes managed to acquire the chain of Fasano Hotels, which opened their doors on the hospitality industry. In 2008, they opened the Shopping CidadeJardim, which is a large mall complex that allows its visitors to shop al fresco. It is located in Sao Paulo, and it depends on natural lighting during the day, and has a lush garden built within the facility. They also built a number of properties during the same year, including the Hotel Century Southern Tower, HortoBela Vista, and the City Garden Corporate Center. In 2009, they began building innovative residential towers, with the Town Hall Square as the prime example. They also built Shopping Subway Tucuruvi and Shopping Bela Vista in the same year. During the 2010s decade, the number of projects they are involved in multiplied, and in 2014, they began the construction of Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport.

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