How Osteo Relief Institute Helps Those With Osteorthritis

While many people develop arthritis as they get older this is a condition that is actually not all that well understood. The word arthritis isn’t any one disease and is rather a term that simply means either joint pain or joint disease. It’s a painful condition that affects over 50 million adults in the United States. Arthritis occurs most often with women and is the number one cause of disability.

Osteo Relief Institute


Osteoarthritis the type of arthritis that occurs most often in people. This type of arthritis results in the cartilage between the joints degenerating. As Dr. Matthew CiRullo explains it, the cartilage wears down which causes bones to rub against bone. This causes pain, stiffness, and swelling in the people who have osteoarthritis. He says there isn’t a cure for osteoarthritis but there are pain remedies that can be effective.


There are a number of factors that put people more at risk of developing osteoarthritis. Among these are obesity, age, previous damage to the cartilage, and a family history of the disease. In order for sufferers of this disease to lead a better quality of life they need to self-manage their condition. This includes proper exercise, not doing repetitive movements, and committing to medical treatments.


Osteo Relief Institute, Inc. is an organization that helps people who suffer from osteoarthritis. They are headquartered in New Jersey and have a number of locations across the United States. The New Jersey location specializes in osteoarthritis knee treatments and helps people whether they have low-grade pain or severe. They can provide nonsurgical knee pain relief injections which are a long-lasting relief from pain.


Each Osteo Relief Institute location has a group of physicians, who are all board certified, as well as a team of physical therapists. The goal is to help patients avoid invasive surgery by first using nonsurgical treatments which are both safe and effective. They also have little downtime if any so patients can get right back to the activities they love. The equipment used at Osteo Relief Institute is the latest state-of-the-art technology so that patients are treated with the most advanced and effective technology.


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