Doe Deere’s Dedication to the Unapologetic Rainbow Look

Doe Deere joins a small yet ever growing clique of entrepreneurs who have successfully turned their passions into successful business empires. Her cosmetics company, Lime Crime, has significantly revolutionized the fashion industry. Like many successful entrepreneurs, Doe Deere’s successful launch and growth of her company owe significantly to her ability to use certain business management tips that acted as guidelines. Owning a business and being your own boss has an allure. However, before jumping into the bandwagon of business owners, it is imperative to weave financial muscles with a good business plan and passion. Before acting on your business idea, find a role model who has attained success in entrepreneurship to act as a guiding star for your planned venture. Following in the footsteps of such successful entrepreneurs can give you the much-need nudge to transform your business idea into an empire. Learn more:


Notably, finding the right mix between a business idea and passion can be challenging. Not all have the ability to identify and turn their passion into a business empire like Doe Deere did. However, there are professionals who can guide you towards your dream business idea based on your passion. They will help you study market trends that in the business sector that matches your passion and business idea. Additionally, a comprehensive business plan can go a long way in ensuring that your idea is well organized and also comes in handy when looking for a bank loan to finance your idea. Even after putting everything in order, success may not be forthcoming without determination and hard work. Learn more:


A Unicorn Queen with Fairytale Ambitions


Doe Deere has successfully turned her passion for the unapologetic look into a global brand. Fondly known as The Unicorn Queen, Deere has lived up to the tag by developing hair hue and nail products that are reflective of her multicultural background. Born in Russia, Doe Deere moved to New York where she established her company, Lime Crime, in 2008. The company operates in the niche market of brightly colored hair dyes and nails that adds fun and entertainment into hair dye application. She has truly turned her clients into unicorns with her rainbow colored hues. The an apologetic look her products are known for allows women to express their inner beauty while also giving them the apologetic yet fancy look. This has propelled the company to greater operational heights including expanding operations overseas. Learn more:


Lime Crime is dedicated to more than just adding fun to application of hair dyes; it was founded on the principle of accentuating the inner being of their clients. One of the unique opportunities that it has excelled at exploiting is the manufacture of environmentally friendly products. By using vegan raw materials, Lime Crime ensures that their hair dyes are safe not only to their clients but also to the environment in general. The company’s environmentally friendly reputation is further enhanced by its zero animal cruelty policy. All the company’s manufacturing processes are monitored against such practices. It has also extended such scrutiny throughout its supply chain. Learn more:

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