Clay Siegel vision for Seattle Genetics

Biotechnology is the next big thing in the treatment of cancer; Clay Siegall saw this opportunity and created the company Seattle Genetic in 1988. The company believes in new approaches in the process of designing, development and innovating new and advanced approaches in cancer treatment. In the recent year, significant steps in developing new way are evident with the creation of the antibody-drug conjugate. The drug is a one of its own, and it’s a pioneer in the field of oncology.

Cancer is always evolving with the passing of time with new cases annually, hence, making it necessary for a lot of resources to get placed in intellectual advances to fight the disease. Seattle Genetic commits most of its time and knowledge to ensure they provide drugs that contain less side effect it and high efficiency. Clay Siegall understood the power of teamwork, and it’s the main reason he founded Seattle Genetics.

Among the drugs developed by the company includes ADCRETRIS which was a great success based on its vast application worldwide. It has already spread in more than 60 countries and expected to do better in the coming year. It’s applied in the treatment of lymphoma mainly large cell and Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Clay Siegall company plays an important in the medical field. His idea of combating and providing a solution for cancer begun 19 years ago, it was tragic to watch when he watched his father die helplessly due to cancer. He saw how the field of oncology struggled with the limited resources. So he decided to change it through the creation of Seattle Genetics.

He studied zoology for his bachelor degree from the University of Maryland and later advanced to study genetic for PhD and then earned it from the University of Washington. He claims more than 15 patents and more than 70 publications that he contributed directly to writing.


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