Honesty and Openness Are Vital In MB2 Dental


Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental, which is one of the most influential dental care units in America. Dr. Chris founded the institution with the intention of merging private dentistry with the corporate dentistry. He had worked in both settings and he knew the disadvantages and advantages of each. Consequently, he started the venture that would make dentists the center of attention. Moreover, he wanted to maintain his integrity as a practitioner by the first priority to dentists. Dr. Villanueva said that once the dentist is the priority, then the patient receives the best care.


Dr. Villanueva says that he works with people, who are smart and who help him come up with new ideas daily. He values teamwork and treats those who work around him with respect. Dr. Chris says that he believes that once a CEO hires smart people, he should give them their autonomy to work without supervision. As he gives them the necessary freedom, he uses his time to develop the business vision further.

Dr. Chris also posits that most of the ideas that he implements in MB2 Dental are birthed late in the night when everyone in his house is asleep. He similarly births other ideas in odd settings such as when playing video games with his kids or as he takes his lunch. Another factor that sets Dr. Chris apart in business is his love for technology. He says that MB2 Dental adapts the latest technology very fast to offer the best services to the clients. Consequently, they look forwards for more technological advancement that would assist them to offer them even better services.


MB2 Dental also advocates for a culture of openness and honesty, which allows people to complain openly and have fun together. Dr. Villanueva lightens the mood in the office to create a happy atmosphere that causes people to be peaceful and easy at all times.

Dr. Chris also advocates for the need of infrastructure installation in the office. He advises people to install infrastructure before they even think they need it. Another factor is that Dr. Chris believes that his vacation is his self-reflection and not going to the beach to rest. He admits that most of his workmates find that idea absurd, but he holds it anyway.

Finally, Villanueva also says that laborers are the best asset in an organization and should be treated with the utmost care. Although infrastructure is vital, he says workers are more important.


Know more: http://www.vitals.com/dentists/Dr_Chris_Villanueva


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