A Basic Introduction to Nabors Industries’ CEO – Tony Petrello

While it’s safe to say that everybody – that means exceptions for nobody, anywhere, for any reason – wants to experience successful careers, very few people have the mental capacity or drive to accomplish their goals. Tony Petrello is a member of this highly exclusive class, having been named the best-paid Chief Executive Officer in the world in 2013. Although he’s been unable to maintain that ranking due to mixups in the shareholder structure, Mr. Petrello has unarguably remained as one of the highest-paid corporate executives in the entire United States of America. But how did this budding corporate star start his career off?


Tony was said to have performed outstandingly well in primary and secondary school, from the time he entered kindergarten to the walking ceremony at his high school graduation. As Mr. Petrello performed extraordinarily well on college entrance exams, specifically the American College Test – or, ACT – he gained entry into one of the top Ivy League schools: Yale University and more information click here.


Mathematics is very difficult to study, with difficult loads of calculus, statistics, and abstract algebraic equations. Such is especially true at the likes of Yale University. However, Mr. Petrello earned a bachelor’s degree studying Mathematics. Immediately following graduation, the go-getter Tony was, is, and always will be decided his three years earning a bachelor’s degree wasn’t enough to prepare him for the workforce. Naturally, he earned his master’s in Mathematics from Yale, entering himself into a limited class of double graduates of Ivy League schools and learn more about Tony.


Mr. Petrello then decided he wanted to practice law. As every aspiring lawyer, he gained acceptance into Harvard Law School – just kidding, very few people gain access to Harvard, although Tony was fortunate enough to do so. He earned a doctorate in law and then went on to practice at Baker & Mckenzie for 12 years. After three more decades of hard work, he’s currently the President and CEO of Nabors Industries.


He’s also given to charities including Texas Children’s Hospital, alongside his college sweetheart and current wife Cynthia. Enjoys relaxing at home with his wife, Cynthia, and child, Carena and follow his Twitter.


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